I knew it was coming . . .

THE permanent record.  It’s all caught up with us and I have been pacing and muttering all day long about it.  I have to provide a transcript for Dan for the Naval Academy.  It should not be a big deal.  I’ve kept copious records throughout our homeschooling journey. We have test scores and tons of paper trails . . . But  . . . (you know there’s always a but, don’t you?) this is it.  

If I screw this one up, ugh!  I want to be honest and truthful and, yet, I know that Dan on paper is NOT Dan in real life.  And, part of me knows that the Navy will know this too.  

I’ve got everything I need to do this in my little notebook (and boxes of records around my ankles if the notebook fails me).  I just have to work up the nerve to type it out and make it official.  Oh, puh-leese don’t let me screw this up.  I much prefer the boys screw things up themselves AFTER I’ve done my part.  

Go ahead, pat me on the back and tell me Dan will be OK no matter what I do at this point.  I’m really flummoxed at how much this has thrown me off.  Being flipped out was not in my plans.  

OK – this is it.  For real.  I’m going in.  I’m going to commit it all to paper, write my 2000 allotted words on Dan’s behalf and call it good.  If you need me, I’ll be under the bed.

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