School is up and running smoothly for everyone.  Even Andy and I are finding a routine where we’re not making each other insane.  I finished my part of Dan’s application to the Naval Academy.  It was truthful and I think showed him in a good light.  

To be honest, it was interesting going back over the past years and seeing what we’ve accomplished.  I am confident in saying that Dan LIKES to learn new things.  He’s not shy about asking for help or questioning something that doesn’t make sense (in this regard he is light years ahead of where I was at his age).  He knows how to find information and how to keep looking to verify that his information is, in fact, good.  This was our intent when we started homeschooling and, to that end, I think we’ve done our job.  What the Naval Academy thinks is another story, but we’ll wait and see.

In other news, we have Andy’s school worked out and we’re doing really well on our own.  I’m sure we’ll have ups and downs, but overall I think it’s going to work and he and I won’t be clawing each other’s faces off anytime soon.  Cross your fingers.  

In my everlasting quest to contain our stuff and keep mess down to a minimum, I’ve refurbished and/or replaced our school boxes.  I think you can see the boxes here.

I repainted the boxes that could be salvaged with black matte spray paint.  On the front of each box, I decoupaged a black/white photo that means something to us.  The whole entertainment center looks kind of cool.  I initially did seven boxes.  Tonight I made another three and tomorrow I’ll do another set of 3-4.  Storage, decoration, no dust bunnies . . . I love these boxes!  

So here I sit.  Laundry done.  House clean.  Paperwork done for everyone.  New boxes (I’m waiting for paint to dry so I can stick the pictures on before bed). Meals planned for September.  HUGE surprise present for Danny’s birthday (this Saturday) taken care of.  Yep.  I’ve pretty much guaranteed a disaster on the horizon.  In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the feeling of being “done.”  

(Sorry, you’ll have to wait for pictures of my new boxes until tomorrow.)

3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. I clicked over to see the boxes, can't wait to see them refurbished. I always envy people with red furniture, my Mom has red furniture and I always just feel sassy all day after I go to her house and visit with her, LOL.

    I think I may have mentioned it before, but Danny and I have the same birthday. Since there's no excuse for not remembering . . . I'll be checking the mail for my gift bright and early Saturday morning, LOL.

  2. Mom #1, now that you say it, I DO remember you and Dan share a birthday. No wonder I like you!!! Don't sit on the curb waiting, though, my gift might be late. 😉 Happy Birthday in advance, though!

    Deana – how fun would that be? I would love an excuse to head your way. I'll keep you posted.

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