Oops . .

I’ve been meaning to write, but I just haven’t.  No good excuse.  Dan turned 18 and went sky diving.  I’m including some pictures. I don’t think we’ve ever hit on such a perfect birthday present! Dan is still running on the adrenaline. If one of the boys gets a break I’ll have them upload the video so you can see why I was smiling AND nauseous when I watched it.

We’re kind of finding a routine. Ian and Tim have adjusted really well to their college courses.  In fact, it all seems too easy right now. Dan is still scrambling with work, school and applying to the Naval Academy.  But, I figure if he’s cut out for the Naval Academy he needs to be able to juggle regular life.  That does not mean it doesn’t kill me to NOT step in and help him out, but I don’t think my little helps will be big helps in the end.  Instead, I pick on Andy, do laundry and pace quite a bit. 

Mike and I have been actively working on what our life will be when the “bigs” are gone.  Interesting stuff. I think it will mostly be fun and my back up plan is to have a secret apartment. 

I caught part of a radio talk show last week where the topic was “family vacations – are they all they’re cracked up to be or would the money and time be better spent on mom and dad getting away together?”  I guess in an ideal world, you could do the Oliver Twist and have both.  I have loved and will always treasure our family vacations.  I don’t know that they were altogether relaxing, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Mike and I have managed a couple of little getaways and they’ve been great too.  I figure we have the next 20-30 years to figure those out. 

My mom, along with Danny, had a birthday this weekend.  I was lucky to spend the afternoon with her that day while Ian and my dad golfed.  She’s considering skydiving with Ian and Tim in 2 years when they turn 18!  I’ll keep you posted.  

Finally, if you are the praying/good thought type, please keep the Flory family in mind. My parents went to high school, got married, had families alongside the Flory’s.  My first friends and playmates were the Flory’s sons.  The family suffered a great loss (son, father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend) yesterday.  Even when things are bad, you can’t ever really be prepared for the end.  Robert (though, I will always think of you as Bobby), I hope you are finally at peace.   

2 thoughts on “Oops . .

  1. It would not surprise me if Bing went skydiving!

    If it gets to the next level for Danny, come up and we will take you guys to Annapolis. We have some room and/or I have lots of hotel points. Right now we even have a spare car.

    Ahhh vacations… We went on a lot as kids and I would loved to have continued that but it did not work out. It is awesome that you do that as a family.

    So sorry about your friend….

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