Nothing too interesting here on our side of the fence.  The boys are adjusting and doing well in their college classes.  I’m kind of torn.  The classes are not as challenging as what we’ve been doing at home, but I think the trade off in exposure to other folks their age and learning to deal with professors is fair.  For my part, I’m trying to stay out of it as much as I can.  I guess we’re all being schooled right now.  

Andy and I have been having fun (he might not call it flat-out-fun, but it’s still pretty fun) with his school.  It’s weird not to have so many interruptions, but we’re getting a kick out of the extra time.  Our plans are to build an Egyptian boat on Monday – I love that he still gets a kick out that kind of project.  I know I always will.  

Talked to my neighbor the other day (the one who is having the twins).  She’s 35++ weeks and good to go anytime.  I think she looks spectacular.  I know she and her husband are at that “iffy-what-the-hell-were-we-thinking” stage, but I know they’ll be great parents.  Everyone cross your fingers, say a prayer or light a candle.  I’ll let you know when their little girls arrive!  (I know, twin girls – Right. Next. Door. I’m trying to contain my insane neighbor tendencies, but it’s going to be hard!)

In other neighborhood news, our other neighbors, who are in the process of adopting a five-year-old (my current favorite person on the planet – he’s just a hoot), have a court date in the next week or so.  I’m so so so excited for them.  I’m excited for us too – we’ve been invited to attend the hearing and for a celebratory breakfast afterward.  I can only think of a very few life-moments that are so important and we’re honored to be included in this one.  

Nothing to exciting or interesting but it’s all really good stuff and what else do you need? 

One thought on “Home

  1. At least you can go over there after the girls come and offer to a) clean their house, b) prep the crockpot for a huge serving of apple oatmeal, and/or c) bake them a ton of bread and other goodies without them feeling like you're a weird, neurotic neighbor. They'll only think you're the most awesome neighbor in. the. entire. world.

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