Kind of exciting and kind of sad . . .

Today, Mike took the boys to the beach early in the morning.  We’re getting waves from whatever hurricane is set  to pound Jamaica tomorrow and they wanted to take advantage.  Much as I love, love, love the beach, sometimes I just need a break from “man world.”  I opted to stay home, sleep in and ponder soap and other important things.
Isn’t it weird how when you know you can sleep in, you don’t?  I was up with the lazy birds at around 8:30 – highly unusual for me.  I made lists.  I took an Immodium AD and spent money we shouldn’t really spend in the hopes of earning a return on that money.  I made more lists, started files and went to Walmart.  (We needed guinea pig food and I also needed some office supplies, milk, and eggs.)  
Upon my return from Walmart, I made some more lists – I love lists.  I think I’m going to go with “amysoap” for my new website.  I got started on that and I think I like it.  I studied my lists one more time and analyzed costs and had a couple of debates in my head about things like “Would I pay for that?”  This is a tough debate for someone as “frugal” as I am. We are no-frills to the point of sad around here most of the time. 
Mike and the boys came home sunburnt and exhausted around 5.  There is much to be said about five very tired men.  They’re too quiet to argue, wrestle or moan about what’s for dinner.  Overall, it was a great day.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day to myself.  
This evening, I started making soap.  I put Harry Potter 6 in my little kitchen dvd player and set to work – everyone else was too tired to bother me.  I really enjoyed the whole process.  Tonight I made Malabar Pepper, Pink Sugar and an Almond soap.  They’re resting and becoming soap right now, but they look pretty tasty.  I really have missed it.   I’m currently debating linking the blog to the website or just keeping them separate (can’t spell that word to save my life!).  Pros and cons to both sides, I’ll keep y’all posted!
And, I had a quick glimpse into my future this morning as I headed out of Walmart. I am entirely too dependent on having at least one kid with me to guide me around the outside world. I was pushing my cart out of the doors of the store (after being in the store, doing my shopping and fighting for my very soul for over an hour – no small feat, mind you) and I could not for my life remember which car I was driving.  Both of our cars are dark (navy and black) and big, so I figured I could narrow it down.  

But what to do in the middle of the WalMart parking lot when it’s 95 degrees in full sun and you cannot figure out where the hell you parked or even specifically what you are driving???  It’s hard to look confident and self-assured under these circumstances.  I hate looking like a total idiot, so I marched my cart with a purpose.  Up and down three lanes of the monster lot until I remembered I had the truck. I cannot imagine how bizarre I must have appeared. The mind is a terrible thing sometimes. 

I was soaked when I got everything loaded into the car and finally hit the road.  (This is just between us – I haven’t mentioned this to Mike and the boys – okay?)  What’s in my future?  I’m not too optimistic.  For now, I’ll just start paying much closer attention to what I’m driving, where I am and all of that kind of stuff. 

4 thoughts on “Kind of exciting and kind of sad . . .

  1. Does your cars come with a key bob that locks the car with the push of a button? Both of ours do. My problem is that there are a bazillion sliver minivans (of various makes but they all look exactly alike) out there. I just wander around pushing the lock button because it beeps and makes the tail lights flash. A must have feature for those over 40.

    Jays car isn't that hard to spot….bright sky/peacock blue PT cruiser.

  2. I've done that. With the car. You are not alone.

    The last time I did it was while pushing pieces of wood from Home Depot up and down the parking lot on one of those little cards HD has. @@

    Can't wait to buy soap 😀

  3. I had the hardest time when I made soap, talking myself out of not tasting it – it always smelled so good with all the essential oils in there. Weird, but true.

    I park in the farthest space available in the first or last lane so I can always find my car quickly. Having only one car in the family to keep track of has helped too.

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