Let them own it . . .

In the 24 years Mike and I have been together, I’ve learned one thing for certain.  There are certain areas, no matter how ridiculous, where you have to let go and let it be “HIS” idea.  This kills me.  Always has, always will.  But, as I am constantly reminding myself with the kids, you have to choose the hills on which you’re willing to die. I DO like to be right – even about bad stuff, even about stoopid stuff.  But, sometimes it’s just not worth it.  You will find examples here and here.
Take for instance our current fridge.  It’s eight years old.  On average I would say the doors are opened (each door) about 50 times a day and not gently.  I don’t think appliances today are designed to be used quite so much.  The icemaker never worked properly and we’ve (meaning I’ve) sneaked around and had three repairmen look at it.  The freezer stopped working after months of warning (if you’ve ever seen the Wallace and Grommet shorts, the fridge would shake like the rocket they built in their basement in A Grand Day Off), the freezer simply stopped working during most of the day.  
Luckily, we have a big freezer and a fridge/freezer out in the garage.  We moved all the stuff from inside to the garage.  Mike has refused to believe me that the stupid freezer isn’t working.  When he gets up at 4:30 am, there is ice.  When I get up (ahem) later, there is water in trays and a puddle under the icemaker.  FINALLY, Mike was home all weekend.  He saw first hand that I’m not making this up.  GAH!  It’s so frustrating to have to let him wait and make the truth his own.  
So, now we face moving the outside, ugly fridge into the house and moving the inside fridge to the garage.  Woohoo.  The fun never stops here.  I’m just sooooooo grateful we have a spare to move into the house.  I don’t care what it looks like for now.  

Like always, it’s sorted out just fine.  Just a matter of picking your hill, I guess.

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