Old National Geographic?

So, the old National Geographic magazines are new?  Does anyone else remember these pictures?  I remember being absolutely horrified and amazed when I was about six. 
Tonight, I ran across this thing.  I think I’ll stick with making Mike hold my head up for a few hours while I relax and watch TV before I resort to this.  (I AM KIDDING! I make Mike and the boys take turns.)
Honestly, how weird is this thing?  I would be more alarmed by someone on an airplane pumping up their neck with this device than I would by someone trying to light their underwear on fire. 

That’s all I’ve got tonight.  I’ll pass on this one.

2 thoughts on “Old National Geographic?

  1. Steve tried using a foam neck collar (like you'd use after mild whiplash) to sleep on the plane, but it wasn't sturdy enough. Freaky as it looks, it probably works much better than those neck pillows…And, added bonus, it freaks people out. Perhaps a lip-plate accessory?

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