Happy Fall!

We’re finally finding a semi-rhythm to our days.  To be honest, it’s been a painful transition from vacation to end-of-summer to fall.  As much as we all enjoy flopping around and doing our own thing, we all get a lot more done when we have a schedule, even a very loose schedule. 
It’s strange having Andy on his own most days.  I find myself back in panic mode.  “Oh NO!!!!!  It only took us 3 hours to finish the official school stuff!!!!”  (And, to be honest, most days it’s closer to 2 1/2 hours.)  I find myself flailing in a well of self-doubt.  “All the other kids are in school for 6-7 hours.”  “He’s missing out.”  If you homeschool, you know the drill.  If you don’t, you can skip this paragraph or just stick with me for a minute.  With just one (instead of three and chasing one), it’s pretty easy.  Most days, Andy understands his lessons pretty quickly and gets through the ensuing work just as quickly.  Even on bad days, the days where he wakes up and math is a BRAND NEW subject, it doesn’t take too long to get back on track. 
The older boys are enjoying their college and virtual classes well-enough.  They’ve all worked out study/reading/work plans that suit their lives and personalities.  I’m doing my best to stay out of their way and let them figure things out.  (This is hard for me.)  It’s funny to me to deal with their various teachers/professors.  The boys are all taking a Marine Biology course and a Sociology course together.  While I don’t think they look a thing alike, they apparently have their teachers confused.  Weird.  They’re not even the same size.  Oh well, I’m trying to make it their problem, not mine.  The boys just think it’s insanely funny. 
All of Dan’s USNA paperwork has been submitted.  If anyone feels like praying for one of FL’s senators to recommend him to the academy, I’d be grateful.  Dan’s been working and schooling and paperworking and running (literally) his non-existent butt off for the past three months and there will be no letting up in the near future.  I admire his drive and I hope it pays off – I’m sure it will in one form or another, but like all moms, I’d like for him to get what he really wants the first time around.  Not the praying sort?  Do you mind crossing your fingers? Anything? 
I’ve been making soap.  How I’ve missed making soap!!  I’m working on the website and it should be up and running this weekend, though nothing will be ready to ship until early October.  I’m so pleased with the recipe I’m using and the scents, too.  We’ll see what you all think once it’s all launched.  Right now, my house smells like I imagine Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and/or Clark Gable would have smelled.  Tweedy, clean, a hint of tobacco leaf and something “je ne sais quoi” tossed in.  Just like you’d think a house full of wholesome, handsome, clean men would smell.  Yep.  I made the man-soaps tonight. 
So, we’re working things out – the car, the jobs, the college, the soaps, the applications, the girls, the angst, the crappy music and all the rest of it.  It’s not always pretty or quiet, but it’s mostly good.  Actually it’s really good.  Despite the turmoil and stress and everything else, we are all getting along and having fun.
Mike and Andy have started in on rocket-making.  Between my orders for lye and Mike’s orders for the chemicals needed to launch model rockets, I’m expecting Homeland Security any day now.  Should I plan lunch or just snacks for when they arrive?  I’m leaning to snack-y stuff as I’m thinking they’re probably on the move all the time.  Anyway, Mike and Andy have their first mini-rocket made and ready to launch  this weekend.  It’s pretty cool looking and I’ll get lots of pictures when it finally goes up.  Mike’s promised the rocket will be launched in an empty field far, far from the house and our neighbors so we can avoid a repeat of this
And, finally, in the GREAT news category, my neighbors (Glory and Jacob) had their baby girls (Lily and Zoe – not sure how you spell Zo-ee) on Tuesday and everyone is fine and healthy.  I’m dying to see them all.  As soon as I can stalk over there (in a neighborly way, mind you) I’ll get pictures.  It’s been years and years and years since I’ve been around wee babies.  Squee!
Happy Friday to all of you.

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