Memory Lane

As Dan was heading out to a Judo class this morning,  he popped his head back into the house to shout “I see a baby!”  We’ve all been dying to see the neighbors’ just-born twins.  But, like the mom-next-door, I had c-sections and visitors were not the first thing on my agenda during the first weeks of any of my babies’ lives.

Lucky for us, our next-door-neighbor’s husband is a new dad.  I could just cry at how proud of his beautiful wee girls he is.  He came out to get the mail with Zoe(y) (still not sure on the spelling) cradled in his arm and he was more than happy to let my whole family ogle and goo and marvel at the newborn little girl.  I’d forgotten how hypnotizing new babies are.  We talked about how things went but I could not take my attention away from her tiny little fingers and toes that stretched and waved every now and then.  Really, it was just breathtaking.

About 20 minutes later, next-door-neighbor-dad shows up with Miss Lily.  She could not be more different from her twin sister.  They absolutely look like sisters and I’m sure strangers will pronounce “I can’t tell them apart,” but they are VERY distinct little people.  Again, I was mesmerized and I was nearly weepy watching this new father.  He was so proud and so happy and just so wonderful and excited.  We talked and watched Lily, who was dead asleep on her dad’s arm, for a long time.  Andy, Tim, Mike, Ian and I all gasped in awe and wonder whenever Lily made a noise or moved her tiny body. 

Really, there’s absolutely NOTHING to compare with a newborn baby (or two) to make you happy and to make you appreciate how miraculous we all are.

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