Can we help you?

In their relentless campaign to make me insane, the boys have once again outgrown their clothing.  Clearly, God has not been peeking in on our checking account lately.  We hit Goodwill first, because you never know and, lo and behold, I found two pair of brand new Levi jeans for Andy, who has decided to skip size 10 and move right to 12’s.  (I’m sure the mom who donated those jeans is frantically searching for skinny waisted jeans for her own kid.)  $6.49.  YAY  
That’s the beauty of living in Florida — your kids only need one or two pair of long pants and shorts can fit for an abnormal amount of time.  Next, with Andy, Ian, Tim and not Danny (just Danny’s measurements) in tow, we hit Plato’s Closet (love this place for teen boys, the girls?  eh – hit or miss – great for event dresses and shoes, though).  
I officially entered old age when, as we were searching the jeans section “I will not pay for jeans that look dirty on purpose or for jeans with holes in them.”  Found two pair for Tim, one for Dan, one for Ian and a very nice pair of khaki pants that they can share for dress up (as long as we don’t have to all be in one place lol) – American Eagle, Levi’s, some surfer brand and Abercrombie Fitch (sp?).  $32.   So for less than $40 the boys’ legs will be covered for the winter far more stylishly than if we’d paid retail.  Letting Tim drive to our destinations and letting Ian drive home?  Priceless.  GAH!!!!!!  (Really, I love them, but my hair gets thinner and grayer with every outing. And, what’s sad is they’re not even terrible drivers.  I’m just a terrible passenger.)
When we got home, Mike was already here and cooking dinner – love that man.  Dan was at work.  Andy went out to play.  Tim headed off with a bunch of friends to a football game and Ian had a magic thing he wanted to watch.  I had just settled in for an online Scrabble game when a knock came.  It was our neighbors each carrying a beautiful baby girl come to visit. The poor couple looked so tired and shell-shocked and happy, happy, happy.  
They handed Mike and me a baby each and crashed on the couch.  We talked and talked about everything you talk about when you’re talking to a couple with new babies.  And Mike and I snuggled and snuggled and peeked at toes and fingers and marveled at the babies’ perfectness.  
It’s been years since I’ve held such a new baby.  Ahhhhh . . . Another neighbor came over to see the babies.  Mike turned Lily over to her (Mike is much more comfortable with babies 6  months or older lol).  I could see in my neighbor’s eyes the tears as she looked at how beautiful the girls are, which made me weepy and then the babies’ mom got weepy. I could have snuggled those babies all night – you know, except for the part when they woke up hungry and ticked off at strangers holding them.  But, wow. 
Andy and his friends ran in a few times to see the girls. It doesn’t seem like that long ago those boys were tiny little people.  Andy stayed behind and asked if he could sniff one of the babies.  He’s heard me talk about how much I love the smell of newborn babies.  He sniffed Zoe, who I was holding, and said “She smells good.  She smells new.  Like a car or a shower curtain.”  And then he went outside.  Trust me these babies do not smell like a car or a shower curtain, but . . . Andy’s right, they do smell new.  

2 thoughts on “Can we help you?

  1. I'm glad you finally got a chance to hold those babies! Isn't the clothes thing with boys something shocking? I can't even imagine jumping a size without noticing it, but PL did it with both clothes and shoes. Truly, we would be lost without the resale shops for keeping PL covered.

  2. I have 5 uniform shorts and 5 uniform shirts for school for both boys. (I can go a school week without washing until the weekend). I don't have the pants for the cold weather. I put that off until they absolutely need them.

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