What’s a Baker?

Dan, Tim and Ian are all taking the same sociology class this semester.  They’ve already endured comments that they all look exactly alike and the class, in general, calls them the Bakers.  Fine, the boys are ok with it and they are kind of their own little subculture if being related, homeschooled and tall constitutes a sub-culture. 
There are a couple of people in their class that the boys know from our neighborhood.  The people they know are older than the boys, but they’re not too old to remember being kids themselves. Yesterday, during a discussion about “being in the minority” one of the women we know mentioned how she always sees “the Bakers” around, driving or running or cycling and she wondered aloud to the class how they would feel in her parents’ neighborhood which is mostly black. 
Ian declared that he was pretty sure they’d feel ultra-white, but there was nothing to be done about that.  The class laughed and moved on in their discussion – sort of. 
In the back of the room, a young man raised his hand and asked “What is a Baker?  Will this be on the test?” 
I don’t know for sure what a “Baker” is, but I think it’s really funny that Dan, Ian and Tim have made such a mark in one class.  Maybe I should send the professor some pictures to use on the next test.  “Please identify which of the following pictures are Bakers.”  

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