1292 – my favorite number!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned here (for fear of jinxing things but, we can all agree we never read this, right?) that Dan was asked to interview with Senator LeMieux in search of an endorsement to get into the Naval Academy.  It’s a big, big deal.  (We’re still waiting to hear from Senator Nelson.   His office works on a different timeline, so it’ll be a few weeks, probably.  If anyone reading happens to be related or good friends with either senator, please call and give Danny a good plug – the Navy could do a lot worse than Dan.)

And, while I’m honored the senator (s – I hope) opted to interview Danny  – it really is an honor for Dan to be selected to be one of the few interviewees – it involves clothing Dan does not have.  After consultations with my mom, and several friends, we decided on khaki pants, a good navy blazer, button-down shirt and a tie – think Dead Poet’s Society.  I’ve been looking online to get an idea of costs and was trying to figure out how to spend $300 on clothing Dan might never wear again and how to feed the rest of us through the month.  I’m weird about spending money and I was having a near panic attack this morning thinking about it.  But, we had to do it.

Dan took the SAT this morning (the second and final time!) and we left shortly after he came home and ate lunch.  I got into the car with such dread – like most of you know, money is tight around here and the thought of spending hundreds of dollars for an outfit Dan would wear for 1 hour, maybe was really freaking me out.  I like rice and beans quite a lot, but not two weeks worth.

The upside?  Dan appreciates how much I miss driving my own car.  I got to drive today, and he got to play his I-pod in the car. (I’m OK with just about any music as long as there is no screaming.) Who knew, I still know how to make left turns and change lanes?????

We were heading out of our town and I saw the Goodwill store sign.  I looked at Dan and said “Whadya think?”  Dan laughed and said “Maybe a skinny, rich guy dropped some stuff off this afternoon.  Let’s go look really quick.”  (I love that my kids are not mall rats.)

Go figure, there, hidden on the rack was a GORGEOUS wool jacket (however they weave it, it was the perfect weight for Florida) and it fit Dan in the shoulders and chest but had been tailored and totally fit his slim build (he’s 6′, 138 pounds).  Honestly, I could not have had a jacket MADE that would have fit him so well.  $12.95 – BUT BUT BUT it was the 1/2 price color!!!!  So that made it about $6.50.  We also found a Polo button-down shirt, a beautiful-ish silk tie and, as an added bonus, a pair of surplus Converse sneakers (brand new probably from Target) for $6. Did I mention Dan’s 10% student discount?  We left the store and Dan and I both said “I feel like I”m stealing!”  Really, this was such a seriously amazing set of finds.

Our total?  Gorgeous wool jacket?  2.47!  Button-down RL Polo shirt? 3.32!  Silk Tie? .89!  Surplus sneakers?  5.39!  Add some sales tax and you get $12.92.  My new favorite number!!!  I could feel my blood pressure going down as I paid.  Seriously – how amazing is that?  The odds of finding all of those things, in senator-worthy condition, at Goodwill are beyond small.  This, to me, is a sign that there is a God (your mileage may vary).

All we had left to buy was a pair of shoes and a belt.  $29 and a beautiful pair of loafers and the ONLY 32″ belt that matched-that-we-could find-that-didn’t-have-studs-in-it later, we were done.  Interspersed throughout this post are pictures of Dan showing me how it all looked together – in his own special, wrinkly, bed-headed kind of way.  The pants must be hemmed.  Everything needs pressed, but beyond that – isn’t he just gorgeous?  (Not that I’m biased or anything!) 

Someone please tell me the senator (hopefully senators) will be impressed?  If you think of it on Thursday morning at 10 am, please say a prayer or think a good thought, as that will be when Dan is actually in the interview. 

Ooops, I almost forgot the best picture!!!!!  I know he’s my son, but HOW handsome is he? (Did I mention how proud I am of him?)

7 thoughts on “1292 – my favorite number!


    So glad you found what you needed. I'm sorry, not a God person… but I think of Goodwill sort of like the fairy godmother… what you need when you need it.

    And yes. He's a great looking guy.

  2. Happy Thrifting indeed! But my goodness what a handsome boy. I know I've seen pictures but I don't think I've ever seen a close up of Dan.

    Our thoughts are tuned towards positive for his goal of getting into the Naval Academy!

  3. Holy Cow! When the time comes, I'm totally getting you up here to help me with this process! Way. To. Go!

    And, he can take the suit with him and wear it to mass up there at the Academy, or something. 😉 Khakis and a nice blazer never go out of style. So, Triple Word Score!

    You know, he doesn't look like a puppy anymore. *sniff* How does that just happen, like that?

  4. That there is a good lookin' kid. I'm not sure my kids know clothes come from any place BUT Goodwill. I read that first paragraph going, “Damn girl, go to the thrift!” Of course, the key to thrift success is to go often, it is rare indeed to make a perfect score like that right when you want it. Wonder who the patron saint of thrift stores is? oh right, Saint Vincent dePaul. Duh.

  5. Score!! Doesn't it just make your heart swell to know that the Gods of Goodwill have given you their blessings, too? ;o)

    The manboy (well, no, not really much boy…I'm just wishful) is indeed a stunning example of all kinds of wonderful. I'm proud of and happy for you.

    But, here's the real reason my heart just skipped a beat: If he gets into the Naval Academy, you'll have to be in Annapolis, MD on occasion — a mere hour+ from me. Of course, it's all about me. And, perhaps my lovely older daughter… *snort*! 😀

  6. I am sure you have thought of this…but Jay is concerned that you haven't heard from St.Martin De Porres – Patron Saint Of Barbers And Of Social Justice.

    He and I agree that he is really handsome but coming from a manager who did a lot of interviewing, you have to be able to see the interviewee in the position you are interviewing him for.

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