It’s weird

I’m sure you’ve noticed in your own life how you can plod along for days,  weeks and even years when everything is on an even-keel.  And, then *poof* it all changes.  We appear to be in the midst of changes these days.
Dan’s interview with Senator LeMieux is this morning at 10:00 am.  He’ll be clean, shiny and ready to go.  Unfortunately, he did not have time to get his hair cut between classes and working.  We’ve worked out a strategy (the boy has my hair) that should have him looking the senator straight in the eye and appearing to be a serious young man. 
Dan’s nervous.  I’m nervous.  I offered to go along with him – you know, to tell the senator all the great things about my son.  Surprisingly, Dan didn’t even bother to answer my suggestion.  :::sigh::: Ungrateful kids.
Lots of running around lately and we’re not accomplishing much, I don’t think.  But, sometimes it’s just like that. 
I’ll let you know what I hear about the interview tomorrow.  If you’re reading early, please say a prayer or cross your fingers or think a good thought.  He could use it. 

5 thoughts on “It’s weird

  1. Good Luck Dan!!! I know he will do great. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    I hear you on the weirdness–Riley was home this past weekend and is back at school. Braden leaves for Philadelphia tomorrow for the weekend. So I am available for a Park Day. LOL

    Sending good thoughts to you as well–I know you will be a wreck this morning!

  2. What more can they want from a candidate…my dad says they love Eagle Scouts and athletes (TKD is terrific) to go with the academics.

    Good luck Dan…it should be almost over because it is almost noon…can't imagine that it would be over 2 hours.

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