Pass the loofah!

Ewwww . . . I’m so skeeved.  I love my scrabble site.  You can play scrabble in real time with other people who are nerdy and love scrabble.  Some people “chat” during the games, others don’t.  I’m fine with both.  The site rates players and you can set limits on the ratings of other people you will play.  I’ve learned so much from playing people with much higher ratings so I don’t have a limit on my game requests. 
So, I’m sitting here watching Fringe with the older boys and playing a little Scrabble.  I accept a game from someone with a very low rating and we play.  Not a great game, but whatever.  We chatted a bit about kids and beaches.  I accepted a “rematch” request and HOLY COW – ew! ew! ew! It was some icky, pervy guy.  I quit the game and took a huge hit on my rating and will spend the rest of the night scrubbing myself.  ew! ew! ew!
Really?  Scrabble and sex?  Those mix?  Since when?  What a weird, scary little man.  I guess I will change my settings from now on . . .blech.  Any of the other times that I’ve chatted with people, it’s been grandmas/grandpas, other moms and some normal, interesting, nerdy people.  I’m not going to write the site off, but :::::shudder::::::  I’ve never had that happen to me online.  I guess I shouldn’t complain after nearly 20 years, but still …. pass the loofah!

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