While I’m not one to brag about balance in my life – I tend to be an extremist – I have, as I get older, come to see the value in balance.  Just the past few days have helped me see that I need to spend some time reordering things to make time for things that are important. 
I think it’s freaky to go anywhere these days and you see people who are completely oblivious to their surroundings, much less the people around them.  They are absorbed in their phones – texting, tweeting, whatever … They don’t have the time to nod at someone who hands them a cart or checks out their groceries or anything.  Honestly?  Who is THAT important?  I have my blog, and, sure, it’s an indulgence.  But, I’m not sending it to your phone.  I’m ok with taking a few days off and if you want to read, great.  If not, that’s ok too.  Mostly, this if for me and, eventually, my kids. 
Sure, I love my blog – it’s my life, and I really love my life.  But, the world does not hinge on what I do or think.  Recently we’ve had four couples we know announce their impending divorces.  I’m so sad for them.  I’m even more sad for their children, most of them are young-mid teens.  I simply cannot imagine it.  I’m so very lucky.  Mike and I have had our rough spots, but we have a pretty solid marriage.  Our kids, while they screw up freqently (I don’t do details on the blog), are pretty normal and I think will become functioning adults in a short time. 
But, I take for granted how nice and easy my life is. Mike and I love each other and appreciate each other and what else is there? I certainly have taken things for granted lately.  And, whenever I do this, I focus on what is making me unhappy – stoopid stuff usually – and I forget to pay attention to the people and the world around me.  And, the strangest thing is that behaving this way makes ME unhappy!  I fall into this pattern every few years and I’m always surprised to see it.
Well, I’m back.  Tonight I had a quick message from a friend that was a true “Snap-out-of-it” moment.  Actually, my whole entire day was a “snap-out-of-it” kind of day.  There is so much I can do that can make life a little nicer for people.  It takes almost nothing and no time for me to let someone know I care – even if it’s someone I don’t know.  Why I haven’t been doing this for the past few months is beyond me – no excuses.  But, I’m back and focused.  I can’t change anyone’s life, but I can do little things that cost me little time or effort to let someone else know that I see them and hear them and that I care.   
So, tomorrow, I’ll start fresh.  If I see you while I’m walking Scout, I’ll say hello (you should respond).  If you’re my neighbor and you get sick or have a baby, I’ll bring you a meal or some jello or whatever works.  If you’re in the grocery line and are short a couple of dollars, I’ll chip in (because that totally sucks – btdt).  And, if you’re just someone I pass along the way, I’ll be trying really hard to accept you just the way you are if you’ll do the same for me. 

7 thoughts on “Balance

  1. You read my journal (I don't blog…yet), didn't you. I was just having this sort of day. Thanks, Amy, for being real, for being honest, for being normal. ;-)—–battlemaiden.

  2. This is a GREAT post… And, I needed to read it.. I have been in a funk for a couple of days. Mostly because I miss Ian being home..

    I found myself cutting off from friends, and family. I need to remember that I have a WONDERFUL life and GREAT family!

    Thanks for the post…

  3. My dad is at his 50th reunion for the Naval Academy and I asked that all his friends that he is catching up with knock their rings on the table in Dan's honor for good luck with his appointment. So good luck from all the 50th reunion “ring knockers”. Can't hurt.

  4. I'm glad you all “got” this post. Jo, I promise, I have NOT read your journal! Sabrina, did you not have a baby “like” yesterday? You're entitled to be selfish and crazy and other people should be taking care of you – don't make me come to Japan! Thanks, Lizzie! Melissa, right back to you. Thanks. Tara, I'm so glad you're here, I hope you come back, nice group of people here. Claire, what an awesome sentiment. Thank you.

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