Tick, tick, tick

Trying to be calm and normal as we wait for some sort of reply from Senator Nelson’s office . . . does Dan get an interview or not?  This whole USNA thing has been stressful and remains stressful.  Dan has to have endorsements from both senators.  We don’t know if the first senator will endorse him after his interview last week and we don’t know if he’ll get an interview with the other senator.  Times like this make me wish Mike and I were better at schmoozing and getting to know “important” people – but I only wish that  a little bit – schmoozing is exhausting.  
Danny will get in or he won’t.  I’m scrambling to figure out Plan B in the meantime.  
Ugghh.  I hate things that are out of my control entirely.  Send me some graceful vibes.  I’ll keep you posted!

2 thoughts on “Tick, tick, tick

  1. My only other thought would be to contact the TKD coach and see if there is a way through TKD to get in….(kind of as an athletic recruitment).

    Although I really hope he gets the senator appointment…just to let you know there is more than one way to get in. My dad spent one year in a Navy ROTC program at Tulane and (he had applied for an appointment and didn't get it) then got his appointment the next year.

    Also there is some sort of finishing school (don't know how you get into that) that is a year prep for the NA. I almost think though that that is for someone who they want to appoint (maybe an athlete, maybe someone disadvantaged) but who needs a year of academic preparation…I don't think that would be for Dan.

    still pulling for him…and sending calm vibes to you

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