Funny . . .

Sometimes things just work out .  . . this afternoon Andy ran outside to pick up the mail (ah, the things that thrill homeschooled kids) and there was a big, beautiful envelope from Senator Bill Nelson (I’ll put aside my horror at the expense of the envelope and its contents for now.  I’m all for Senators using nice paper to impress certain people – however, teenagers seeking his support for the Naval Academy?  Eh, not so much. Send the letter on a used napkin and they’re happy. But, as always, I digress.)
Dan wasn’t home and I paced the driveway with Andy doing his schoolwork in a lawn chair.  I resisted every urge within me and did not rip open the beautiful envelope.  3:15, Dan, Tim and Ian arrived home from their classes.  Dan was barely out of the car before Andy and I were thrusting the envelope at him.  HE GOT THE INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!
There’s still a long road ahead if Dan’s to be accepted to the Naval Academy, but, as a mom, I’m so, so, so proud.  We pulled Dan out of school at the end of 2nd grade.  While I was mostly confident about homeschooling him (and his brothers) there were always twinges of doubt.  What were they missing out on by not being in school?  Would they end up being freaky weird kids that no one wanted to associate with?  What if I missed some HUGE important topic and ruined them for life???  What if I’d made the wrong choice.   Well, after ten years, I can sort of relax.  Our choices have not ruined anyone’s life (though we still have Andy to screw up). 
Two senators have opted to interview Dan – that is huge.  And, I’m going to go ahead an pat myself once on the back.  I didn’t screw up.  Following my convictions has paid off thus far.  I don’t know what will happen with Dan and the USNA, but I’m confident that he’ll do well no matter what.  Same goes for the other boys.  It was a long wait, but worth it.  Yay me!  Yes, I’m bragging.  Bear with me for a minute.  I did it!!!!  Well, I sort of did it, mostly the boys did it, but I helped.  (Anyone else remember the old Shake n’ Bake commercials?)
I can’t believe how far we’ve come.  All six of us.  Amazing, really.
Everyone set your clocks to pray, think, and/or dance nekkid on 10/27/10 at 2:45.  It’ll be fun.  Really, it will.  I’ll have brownies, ice cream, soda and beer here around 6 pm if you want to stop over and visit (just put your clothes on first, please). 

9 thoughts on “Funny . . .

  1. Great news! While I am not a huge Nelson fan, I am sure he will do the right thing and help send Dan on his way to the Naval Academy! With this being an important election year I am sure all politicians are busy as hell!

  2. Yay!!!!!! WTG mom….and Dan.

    Will he be prepared with a really great “I am not socially awkward” speech?

  3. Hooray! Well done! It is a bit cold here for nekkid dancing, but I will offer some prayers and positive thoughts!

    And I'm glad to know that mine are not the only kids who are strangely enthusiastic about the mail!

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