Thank you!!!

Dan’s interview was this afternoon and based on his report it went very well.  In his words, “It was just me and two old guys sitting at a table talking.  I even made them both laugh a few times.”  Now “old” is relative when an 18-yr-old is talking to you.  I’m guessing the men he spoke to were between 25 and 100.  But, he made it through this round and I’m so very proud of him.  (Even though I yelled at him about the nasty state of his room and the clothes in the bathroom when he got home before I asked about the interview.  :::sigh:::: Old habits die hard, huh?)
So, now we wait.  Dan’s put in his academic stuff, save two things which will be done soon.  He’s passed the medical portion, I think. He has the physical test next week and I don’t foresee any problems with that – running, throwing and push-ups. He took the last two of his standardized tests last month and we’re anticipating higher scores than the last round (what a freaking game those things are!).  He wrangled two senatorial interviews, no small feat.  Each senator gets five appointments to the service academies.  Dan needs an appointment from both.  Neither senator gave a time frame, so we just keep waiting and plugging along. 
Even with the senator’s appointments, he’ll still have to do an interview in Annapolis and some other stuff (:::waving::: at Deana and anyone else in the Annapolis area!).  I’m trying to be sane and all of that, but you know how I am.  For now, though, there’s not a dang thing I can do.  I see repainting the house in my future.

I appreciate all the prayers, good thoughts and nekkid dancing.  Dan does too – though, strangely he wasn’t that keen on the nekkid dancing.  Kids these days.  😉 

11 thoughts on “Thank you!!!

  1. WOOHOOOTT! Congratulations Dan and AMY!! It is a long, complicated process to be sure..

    Next Summer Christopher will spend 6 weeks at the Academy doing a mini session. It is to get an idea if what the Academy is all about.

    We applied, and provided we can pay for it all (roughly 2 grand with plane tickets) he will get to go.

    If Dan is there maybe we can plan a visit!

  2. I hate waiting, too! So glad that both senators interviewed him! Awesome!

    My hubby's first roommate in college had applied to West Point and did not get in the first time around but he applied again and was accepted! He graduated from West Point in 1981. We're old!

  3. Also…the senators pick alternates…my dad was a 5th alternate and got in because the other 4 had bad teeth and other such strange problems and the senator told him he was probably going to get that appointment even being the 5th alternate.

    But I don't want Dan on the darn alternate list…I want him number 1.

  4. Congratulations!! We live about an hour and a half south of The Academy at Pax River NAS. My neighbor just got news that he has been accepted as a proffesor at THe Academy (it will be a while before he starts he has to finish his PhD stuff first). I might be able to wrangle him into taking Dan up there for his interviews and we have a guest room Dan is more than welcome to use. Dy can vouch for us! 🙂

  5. ****Waving back**** We are about 30 minutes from Annapolis. We have some room and I have some hotel points you can use – and a car if you fly….. We can make it work.

  6. Amy, this is all so awesome !! WTG Dan !! Now … COME & PAINT MY HOUSE. Not yours, silly girl. Mine is in desperate need. Turns out that it's never been painted, except for the kitchen & bathrooms, the rest of the house is just primer. And with 3 kids & 2 dogs, in 2 months, you can imagine what the walls look like. @@ UGH !!

  7. Wow! You guys are all so awesome. I'm excited at the possibility of being able to see some of you again and to finally meet some of you. I love the idea of Dan having support nearby should he need it.

    OK – back to waiting and working on Plan B for now. 8)

  8. Woo hoo for the boy!
    I'll have you know, the neighbors totally did not get my nekkid dancing. I did it anyway. And, my house needs painting – when your party is over, everybody can move to mine. Bring paint brushes, but leave the clothes at home. 😉

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