On turning into a sad, old person . . .

My glasses recently fell apart.  No warning just one night the “arm” on one side just dropped off in the midst of me making soap.
As I’m nearly legally blind, this was not a good thing.  Making soap does not allow for puttering so I grabbed the first tape I could find to fix the glasses and finish the soap.  Sadly, the tape was neon green masking tape (Why, you ask did I have neon green masking tape?  It was for a timeline – death-by-homeschool!).  Yes, them specs shur duz look purty.  
But you all know how it goes . . . I’ve got my contacts for “public appearances” and Mike and the kids took three full days to notice the green tape.  (The morning after he noticed, I found Andy trying to wrap my glasses entirely in green tape to make it look more even.  Ummm . . . no thanks.)  Getting the glasses fixed or replaced isn’t high on my list of ways to spend money right now.  You’d think keeping the lenses clean on one of my lifelines to living in the world would be a priority, though, wouldn’t you?
I guess not so much in my case.  I was out in the garage doing laundry tonight and I stepped outside to see if the much-anticipated “cold-front” was coming our way (still waiting) and I looked up at the sky.  I saw the strangest fuzzy thing right next to the moon.  I looked and looked and was all ready to go in to grab Mike and the boys to come look when I realized, there was a big glob of something on the upper corner of my glasses.  How sad is that?  I cleaned my glasses, looked out at the sky again and the moon was all alone.  
Can I just tell you all how relieved I am that I didn’t go inside and insist that everyone join me in witnessing a non-phenomena?  I would NEVER ever have lived that down.  And, now that I’ve put it out here for everyone to see, I guess they’ll all eventually see it and start doing weird things to my glasses, but it was too sad and funny NOT to share.  
Now everyone go clean your glasses!  Don’t be a victim!


4 thoughts on “On turning into a sad, old person . . .

  1. My glasses look like they were dragged behind a stagecoach and my contact lenses goop up within 15 min. All I have to do is call and get my stupid prescription and I can order a new pair of glasses online for 40 bucks. But I have not done so.

    My security word is “dimatasi”–tiny coffee cups for stupid people? Maybe they're tiny coffee cups for flavored coffee…

  2. I buy my glasses at zenni optical (no, I am not a paid salesperson- although that would be nice) for very inexpensively. Ridiculously cheap! Some glasses are $7.00,including lenses, plus $5 for shipping. As long as you have your prescription, and it's okay if it is a couple of years old, you are set.

    I love reading your blog.

  3. Hi Carolyn – thanks for the tip. I'm going to check out Zenni for sure. I don't need anything fancy, but the tape is most definitely wearing thin (in reality and metaphorically). I'll mention to them that they should start paying you. 😉

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