Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend.  Ours was  fairly tame.  Mike and Danny both have miserable colds and coughs.  The rest of us have been spending all of our time outside avoid them.  
Yesterday was Halloween.  We had a little neighborhood party, snacks and then costumes and trick or treating.  Ian and Tim stayed home and watched scary movies and handed out candy while the sickies slept.  Andy and I trooped around the neighborhood with our little mob.  And now there is candy – so so so much candy.  
Andy’s costume was his idea – I can’t believe we were able to find all the pieces.  I think he looks awesome.  My costume was a last minute Goodwill find.  I hacked the bottom of the dress off and attached that fabric to an old straw hat.  In hindsight, the shoes were not a good choice for trick or treating, but they were sure cute.  I was barefoot after about 15 minutes.  
I don’t have the neighborhood Halloween picture yet, I’ll put it here when I do.  The kids were: dracula, a redneck – complete with a surprisingly life-like mullet, Bart Simpson, a pimp (yes, I don’t know what his dad was thinking either), a lifeguard, a sleepy housewife with curlers and a great robe, and a surfboarder.  The adults:  Disco Stu; Frankenstein, a bartender (he wasn’t dressed up, he simply carried the cooler with adult beverages), an 80’s Material Girl and an awesome tourist.  The kids are all getting older and I am guessing there won’t be too many more Halloweens like this one.  

And, finally, this year’s pumpkins.  The older boys carved them yesterday and they’re already moldy today.  But, they looked awesome last night! Here’s an up close shot of Ian’s pumpkin – Alfred Hitchcock. 

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