Over the past two weeks I have had several people comment, in real life, not here, that I have fun – not too much or too little, just fun.  I’ve been thinking about this and the truth is yes.  There is stress in my life but it is far outweighed by fun. 

Some of the fun is just the fun that comes from having kids and spending time with them (or not, depending on the kid).  Some of the fun comes from the fact that I am a firm believer in laughing before crying.  Even when things are really bad, there’s usually something funny in the situation.  I’m lucky to have a husband who feels the same way. 
Today is a a good example.  I woke up with the sore throat and cough that has been plaguing Danny and Mike the past few days.  A few a minutes later, Tim woke up with the same symptoms.  It’s not sick-sick, just grumpy, tired, I-have-a-cold sick.  Dan had to work today.  The plan was for him to ride his bike to work.  Sadly, for the first time EVER Dan overslept.  I told him to take the car.  The only thing I really wanted to do today was vote.
I drank tea, flopped on the couch and dragged Andy through a pretty lazy day of school.  It has not rained here for over a month.  But, today it was raining buckets all day long.  Finally, I had the kids dress for the rain – tricky when it’s still in the 80’s and your choice is get wet or sweat to death.  We put Scout on her leash and walked over the polling site.  As we trolled through the “woods” we all noticed the actual leaves on the ground (rare here) and their great fall colors.  With the kids, being slightly soggy and all, I announced how veddy British I felt.  (Voting thing aside)  It was a fun walk even with all the sniffles and coughing and puddles.
When we arrived at the polling station (in our case a little church with the nicest polling staff ever) I left Andy, Ian, Tim and Scout outside.  As I walked in, I was surprised to see Dan sending his ballot through the machine.  I got to see my Danny make his first vote!  I was so proud and felt soooo old.  I voted and headed back outside to make our trek back home.  I stopped to talk to the woman “guarding” the front of the building warning people, in her awesome NY accent, to have their ID ready.  She was reading a Kindle.  I’ve seen them online but never in person.  She let me look at hers.  Kind of cool.  I like paper books and I don’t travel enough to justify a Kindle, but if I did travel, I would so own one of those things! 
We came home.  Scout was beyond exhausted and has been pretty much asleep since then.  We all had tea and/or hot chocolate and watched The Triplets of Belleville from Netflix.  It’s weird, but clever and interesting.  If you’re not ok with your kids watching a cartoon version of Josephine Baker, skip the dvd or at least the first couple of sections.  We do a lot of history here so Andy knew right away who it was and, let’s face it, boobs can be funny.  Beyond that, the rest of the movie is odd, but funny in a quiet way. 
All in all it was a fun day.  I think I seem to be having fun all the time because my expectations are pretty low.  I still get a kick out of yeast making bread rise if that helps you understand my mindset. 
Anyway … we had fun today.  A lot of fun.  And, we’ll probably have some fun tomorrow.  I least I hope we will!

5 thoughts on “Fun!

  1. Its 3 PM here and we are glued to the TV watching the elections.. The best government is a 2 party system.. Looks like the GOP will take the House.. YEAH!!

    I am getting Ian a Kindle for Christmas. He prefers books, but lives on a Ship 9 months a year. His office is way to crowded with books. From what I have read it gets good reviews.. I just hope it can hold up to salt water!

  2. For some reason the four of us were all able to vote on the same day last week. It was really cool voting with my adult children.

    I have arthritis in my neck which has ramped up quite a bit these last two years. I also LOVE paper books but some of them are just too heavy now. A Kindle is on my list for Christmas. 🙂 I've blogged about the need for a Kindle and I am so sad that I can't really read anything heavier than a small paperback now.

  3. Am, if you're in the market for a new cellphone, you should get a Droid. They have a Kindle app. So I have a Kindle right on my phone. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And the app is free. Plus, I take my phone everywhere that I go anyway, so I always have my book. 🙂

  4. Claire, Danny did offer to drive us home but I said no thanks for 2 reasons: 1) we were already soaked and it's not a long walk 2) Scout was totally soaked – dog+old+wet=car that stinks for days and days and days.LOL

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