Weird, weird, weird

So here I am.  Alone.  In a hotel.  Ian is downstairs, with others of his kind, magicking.  I’m sore confused.  I nearly followed a family with three little kids to offer to clean up their hotel room.  I’m not used to this alone thing.  It’s weird.

Ian drove us out to Daytona this morning.  On the back roads.  I did not scream even once, though a couple of times I really, really wanted to.  I left him at the hotel at 11.  I couldn’t check in until 3:00, so there I was alone.  I drove over to a shopping plaza and picked up a bottle of wine, a notepad and some pens.  Then I walked over to a little restaurant and ate lunch while I mapped out my Nano Novel.  No one bothered me, the waiter kept me full of Diet Coke and I scribbled and eavesdropped on other tables.  It’s nice to know everyone else is weird too.  

After lunch, I went to a little park on the beach and parked myself on a bench and wrote some more and watched insane tourists running around in bathing suits while I sat huddled in my fleece hooded sweatshirt.  It’s cold here, high about 61 with a lot of wind.  I went back to the hotel and checked in, let Ian know where the room was.  I was still alone.  Ian and I unloaded the car – 1 trip!  It’s so easy with just one kid.  Ian ate a sandwich and went back to his magic folk.  

The hotel is nice.  Last year all six of us stayed here and we had a mini-suite right on the ocean.  This year we have something called “riverview.”  I keep looking, but so far, no river, only the endless rows of strip malls.  But, we got an awesome rate, there’s a mini kitchen and a fridge.  My only issue with the room is the lighting. It’s all flourescent.  Note to hotel-owners:  your customers are more likely to return if they think they look really good in your hotel room.  If they keep screaming when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror because they think they’ve aged 40 years, you might have a problem.  

So far, I have colored my hair, painted my toenails and taken a little nap. Now I’m up, I have little work station set up, a giant mug of tea and really bad hair color.  I’m going to start my “novel-of-the-year.” Alone.  This is so insane.  Kind of fun.  But very strange.  

One thought on “Weird, weird, weird

  1. Oh my time alone! That is a hard thing for a homeschooling Mama.
    Good luck on your writing. The kids and I are doing this challenge also. They have a challenge for young people too. I am using it as part of our school work this year. If the kids complete the challenge they have partner sites where you can get the kids work printed for free.

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