Home again, home again . . .

The convention is over (Ian got to meet and talk to the guy in the picture,Marc Wilson, who is now 81.  Ian thought he was great – funny, smart and very knowledgable).  

Those of you on Facebook know that I lost about 4000 words of my novel  on Saturday due to my own stupidity (save, save, save, stupid) and a blip with my power source.  I went to bed Friday night with 6200 words.  I wrote another 2200 or so that morning.  GAH. The set back was  frustrating.  The upside was, it was frustrating and I was on my own.  Ian was happily occupied.  I had no one to feed, no laundry to do, no dog to take care of  … it was just me and my frustration.  I bundled up – this is so sad, there were people on the beach in their bikinis – in a long sleeved t-shirt, my giant fleecy sweatshirt, jeans, sturdy shoes and even socks (I never wear socks) and hit the beach for a long, long walk.  It was a wonderful thing to be able to do.  I put my hood up and marched to the pier and back.  Maybe 4-6 miles. In the freezing sand.  Uphill both ways. 

When I reached the hotel I was fuh-reezing, but happy.  I’m sure the people I passed on the beach thought I was nuts as I indulged in my aloneness and held my usual mental conversations aloud as I walked, but oh well.  It helped me and gave them fodder for dinner conversation I’m sure.  When I got back to the hotel, I fixed some hot chocolate, a snack, climbed into my big comfy bed and turned on a stupid movie and was promptly asleep.  Ian arrived about an hour later to check in and grab something to eat.  

I got up and got back to writing until dinner.  Ian and I went to Steak and Shake for dinner, I dropped him at the arts center where there was a giant magic show going on and headed back to the hotel for a few hours.  Picked Ian up.  It is so beyond rare that I have ever spent this kind of time one-on-one with any of my kids.  We headed back to the hotel and Ian filled me in on the show.  It was about 10 pm.  Ian went back to the dealer’s suite – tons of magic stuff for sale and everyone hanging out.  I went back to typing and writing.  Around midnight, Ian came back to the room for good.  

We talked magic (more I listened magic), we talked about my novel and Ian gave me some interesting plot solutions/ideas.  Then he went to read the books he’d picked up over the weekend and I went back to writing.  We turned the clocks back around 1 am.  Ian went to bed.  I’m easily fooled so I stayed up and wrote some more thinking to myself, it’s an hour earlier.  Sheesh – some day I am going to pick up on this trick.  

I’ve been fighting off a cold for about 7 days now.  Today my body caved. Ian left the room early, early.  I crawled out of bed feeling like I’d been hit by a great big sinus/sore throat stick.  I was so happy to realize there were only two of us and picking up the room and packing up the car was a breeze.  I’m used to the six of us going places and we usually just get a valet cart to haul all of our stuff.  We drove home, only about an hour, and I crashed on the couch.  Colds are stupid.  It’s not like you’re sick-sick, you’re just a little sick and that’s not enough to allow you to skip life.  Well, only for a little bit.  

What a great weekend.  I’m so proud of Ian – who won second place in the Junior stage competition – the kid who won used his baby brother as a prop – who can compete against a baby????  I’m so happy to have had this time to spend with him.  Happy and weepy – not many more magic conventions in our future – well, I guess there could be, I’m just talking about conventions we’ll go to together before it gets creepy..  

And, to top it off, I surpassed my goal getting 10,000 words written this weekend.  If I hadn’t lost the 4000 words (and the time that cost me) I would have been closer to 20,000.  But 10,000 puts me in the running for making 50,000 by the end of the month.  And, with Ian’s astute suggestions, the book might actually make sense when it’s done.  We’ll see.

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