How to tittle . . .errr . . . title this

So, back in late April I bought a couple of bras.  At Walmart.  They fit well and the price was right.  I’ve never been wildly endowed and I’m not quite old enough to have National Geographic issues.  I just need a basic bra.  
The bras have been great.  They’ve served their purpose and throughout the summer, I did not give them a second thought.  But, now it’s November.  These bras have been washed and washed and washed.  Who knew?  They have a special feature.  I had to revisit Walmart to see what exactly it was. Who knew?  My bras have modesty flowers set dead-center in each cup.  Yes, that’s right, I said modesty flowers.  
OK – once you pass a certain age, pointy nipples (and let’s be honest here, past one or two kids we all know those nipples are not pointing in entirely the same direction) are not something desirable. I live in Florida.  It’s hardly ever cold here, it’s just not something I’ve ever spent time thinking about.  But, OK, why not?  Modestly flowers, sure.  It’s not like I can just run around and ask my neighbors about their bras and how they feel about these things.  That would pretty much guarantee me never having another neighbor wave at me.  
But, now it’s November.  My cheap bras have been washed and washed and washed.  AND, it’s actually kind of cold here (you know, if you’re from Jamaica).  As a rule, I don’t wear tight t-shirts (not so much modesty as stomach goo) but I do wear tight t-shirts when I layer my clothes.  My current problem?  Under the tight t-shirts, I have goofy flower-power things on each boob.  My nipples are safe and hidden but I feel like Ariel from the Little Mermaid or something. Mike thinks it’s a riot.

Guess it’s time to go bra shopping.  Consider yourselves warned – hold your bras up to the light before you buy!

4 thoughts on “How to tittle . . .errr . . . title this

  1. I had no idea they had those. Aside from the sort of halloween-burlesque sensation (look, it's like pasties, but on a bra!), it's kind of a cool idea. However, I will continue to chuckle over this, b/c it's also kind of funny.

  2. Once it's cold enough to matter here, I'm wearing clothes heavy enough to disguise my shameful, shameful nipples. I hate padding, as I have enough bosom already, but Julianna gets the ones that create the illusion of Barbie Boob.

    Me, I'd find wondering how woman managed to have flower-shaped areolae far more distracting that a nipple.

  3. Your post was quite titillating.
    I have one that consistently looks off to the left like Marty Feldman.

    I spend time each morning making sure both of them are looking in the same direction.

    Who knew all I needed was a carnation or two?

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