Higher education? Really?

The boys have been taking classes as dual-enrolled students at the local community college. Dual-enrolled high school students do not pay for their classes, only their books.  Today, I’m triply grateful I’m not paying for their Sociology class.  If I were a paying student, I would be questioning the value of the class and I would probably be pretty ticked off.  
I had no illusions about this class being a heavy-weight academic challenge.  The boys have to take a range of classes and they all agreed this class would be interesting.  I was thrilled about this because they can all share a book, they are all in the same class, cutting down on the need to drive back and forth needlessly.  So, in some ways, the class has been great.  
Challenging?  Not really.  There is little work, spoon-fed quizzes and test and one “big” assignment.  The boys are out now doing their big assignment.  ::::sigh::::: They were asked to create a stain on a shirt and go out “among the great unwashed” and take note of people’s reactions to their stains.  I’m not making this up.  So the boys spent an hour ruining perfectly good t-shirts and are now out wandering our community.  What a waste of time and resources!  Has this instructor been out in public lately?  Why not just do a class field trip to WalMart.  What about the kids’ classmates with multiple tattoos and/or piercings.  Do you really think people are going to notice a stain on the t-shirt of a kid with 3″ discs in his ear lobes?  

So . . . :::sigh:::

3 thoughts on “Higher education? Really?

  1. This assignment would probably push my high school senior-taking-college-classes son over the edge. He complains frequently about the appearance of his classmates and how they take no pride in themselves. (He still didn't iron his shirt when I raised my eyebrows at him, though.) ;-/

  2. LOL – Deanna my kids rarely ever see an iron. Heck, Danny declared November no-shave-November, but he caved and shaved tonight lol. This assignment just seemed so dated and weird to me (and to my kids). Strangest thing? They have to turn in the t-shirts along with their essays to prove they did it.

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