Half Full/Half Empty?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  I am by no stretch of the imagination what you could call an optimist.  My way of coping with life is to jump to the worst case scenario, live it out in my mind and then work back to other, happier possibilities.  If it’s a long drawn out worry, I do what I just said and then after reviewing short-term happy possibilities, I let my mind wander further into the future with even worse scenarios.  For me it works (like you didn’t know I was weird).  Imagining the worst helps me get it out of my system and lets me sleep at night and allows me to function during the day.  
Mike is a true optimist.  He fascinates me.  He imagines the best out of every situation and that’s it.  It’s an amazing gift to think his way.  I guess it’s good we ended up together – balance, you know?  I love throwing what-if’s in his direction just to see how differently his first response is compared to mine.  Strangely, he doesn’t seem to enjoy my doomsday scenarios as much, so we don’t do this often.
I’m curious about you all – what are you – optimist/pessimist/future tripper?  While I spend a lot of time imagining the worst, I do actively try to spend my days being happy with what we DO have.  I read something once years ago about anxiety and the advice was to focus on the immediate.  Do you have enough for today?  It stuck with me and I think that everyday when I start to future trip and panic.  I remember that, yes, we have enough for today.  And then I think, heck, we have enough for everyone we know for today.  That makes me calm and relatively happy and the day can proceed.  Once it’s dark and quiet, I can proceed with my nightmare scenarios.  (Really, I’m not insane, though reading through this, I might come across that way.)

I know everyone worries and everyone gets panicky about things.  What are your coping mechanisms? 

7 thoughts on “Half Full/Half Empty?

  1. I am much better about living in the present and not worrying as much. From time to time, I do slip into my old worry habits. Course having had some good scares makes you appreciate what you do have.

  2. In general, I'm an optimist. I figure, big picture, everything will be fine. But little picture…if Steve is 10 min late and I can't get him on his cell, I have him dead in a ditch and I have the funeral planned and have worked out the most reasonable way to use the insurance money by the time he comes through the door. Yes, it calms me to imagine the worst and then see that I can deal with it, if need be.

  3. I worry about everything. EVERYTHING. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's so tiring, but ugh…that's how my brain works. I think that I figure if I picture the worst & worry about it, it won't happen. LOL.

  4. I worry so much and have so much anxiety that I have to be medicated.
    And I recently upped my dose, so up yours.


    I wish I were different, it's not an easy thing to worry all the time about everything.

    Giggled at Sixgables… 'dead in a ditch, funeral planned' I have sooo been there.

    A family member leaves the house, I hear sirens a few minutes later and I KNOW I will NEVER SEE HIM or HER again.

  5. OK Ami's comment has made me reconsider mine. I am also medicated so the Zoloft takes care of the constant worry, for the most part. Thanks Mr. Zoloft!

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