THE Interview . . .

Like most things in life, I worried this to death.  The house is as clean as it’s ever been.  I even hid the nasty toaster because, well, it was on the counter and it was nasty.  My mom called to give me a pep talk around 3:30 pm.  Yay for mom!!!  After talking to my mom, I headed to the shower and then on a last minute, manic shopping trip.  It’s weird what you get used to living with and only really think about RIGHT before you want to “impress.”  Drinking glasses do not last long here.  Sure, the obvious solution is to go to plastic, but I HATE drinking out of plastic when I’m home or not by a pool.  
Then, after the boys had scrubbed their bathroom into submission, it became obvious how nasty our towels were, so I added towels to the list.  THEN, I started thinking if the interviewer did not want dinner, I should have snacks.  Most of my serving thingies are HUGE because we usually have 20 or so people over, not just one.  Added serving thingie to my list.  Then I added things to put ON the serving thingie.  :::sigh::: 
I am guilty of encouraging my student driver (Ian) to speed.  We hit Big Lots and I picked up a nice cutting board, four bath towels (should interviewer use our bathroom and wash his hands and want to dry those hands on something less grungy than our old towels and slightly more socially acceptable than his own pants), and a set of 15 18 oz glass tumblers that seemed fairly sturdy.  And, then I saw the red bowls that would go perfectly with my Blue Willow china and the soup would look so nice in the bowls and we are close to having to eat in shifts for lack of bowls.  So I bought 12 bowls.  
We raced out of Big Lots and hit the grocery store.  A block of colby jack, a block of NY sharp cheddar, some olive oil/cracked pepper triscuits and a box of fancy crackers and we should have been set.  But, indecisiveness set in.  I had iced tea at home, but it was unsweetened.  What if he was a southerner, I thought?  Those crazy southerners love their sweet tea and I didn’t have time to make a batch.  I bought sweet tea.  Then I tossed in a thing of “pure” lemonade.  Then . . . I thought, what if he does stay for dinner?  I didn’t think this was a likely possibility, but I figured I should pick up a six pack of beer just in case.  I’m a cheap date, I like cheap beer.  Picking something decent was agonizing.  Finally, I let Ian pick.  We got home 40 minutes after we’d left.  This was turning out to be one expensive interview.  
We got home.  I set up cheese and crackers and grapes.  I hung the new towels.  I washed the new glasses and then the bowls.  I tried really hard to make my hair look normal, but, alas.  Meanwhile,  Dan was doing his physics homework alternating with playing his ukulele in his own manic way.  I could tell he was as nervous as I was and I just left him in his room.  Mike got home and he was wound pretty tight.  Woohoo, time for the guest to arrive.  
Dan’s Blue and Gold Officer is a retired Commander who actually lives very close to us.  He was friendly and easily at home – no wonder the Navy uses him for these interviews.  Dan introduced him to all of us.  We went into the kitchen to sit at the big table and he cracked up seeing the benches we have on the long sides of the table.  He said he’d grown up in a family of six with lots of extra people coming in and out for meals.  The officer explained to Andy how to grease up the benches with Pledge, particularly on the ends, so that it was easy to make a brother slip off the bench mid-bite during dinner.  I’m starting to think all boys are the same.  
He talked to Dan, me and Mike for about an hour.  We watched a 10 minute video that made ME want to go to the USNA, even though I hate shouting and loud noises and group activities.  Then, he and Dan went out on the porch to talk about things.  For over an hour.  Mike held onto my arm.  I wanted to sneak around to the back of the house in the dark and listen in on their conversation.  Mike seemed to think this was wrong.  Stoopid Mike.  What we could hear was muffled animated conversation and quite a bit of laughter.  
Overall, I feel like it was a good experience.  I don’t know what to expect.  So much is still in other people’s hands.  Dan needs the senators’ thumbs up if he’s even to move on at all. (And, even those are not a guarantee of an appointment)  He needs a good report from the commander we met tonight – aside from Scout-the-dog being slightly psycho, I think we were all okay.  We learned that 20,000 young people are applying this year for 1400 open slots.  The odds are slim.  :::sigh::: But, we talked at length about other options as Plan B and I think we all feel a little more confident.  
No.  He did not see the towels.  No. He did not eat dinner.  Yes. He drank out of the new cups.  I did notice, as Mike, Dan and I watched the dvd, the commander, who had clearly seen the dvd more than 10 times, was reading the words on the border of our ceiling And, whew!  I’m glad it’s over.  Now we wait and wait and wait.  From what we learned tonight, we should hear from the senators within the next 2-3 weeks.  
I just talked to Dan (he took off from work for the interview and had to go back to work as soon as it was over – thank you guy that covered Danny’s missed hours!) about how he felt.  He is feeling up and down and all over, but he felt pretty good about tonight.  I don’t envy being Dan.  It was hard to be 18 the first time. It’s hard to watch being 18 through one of your kids for a second time (for you lol).  (Wahoo, I get to do this three more times – I hope it’s not like dog years where I will end up being 282 when it’s all over.)

I thank all of you for your good thoughts, prayers and references for Dan.  If you could keep them coming for a few more weeks that would be amazing.  I’ll keep you posted. 

2 thoughts on “THE Interview . . .

  1. In all seriousness, I think you have as good a chance as anybody. I think Dan is JUST who they are looking for. Now I don't know how many of those 20 thousand applicants are ALSO just what they're looking for, but really, Dan has as good a shot as any of them. Waiting stinks.

  2. Please don't go to the USNA. You might not have time to blog, and say things like “We watched a 10 minute video that made ME want to go to the USNA, even though I hate shouting and loud noises and group activities.”
    Who would crack me up, then?

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