Loved it!

Tonight was Harry Potter!!!!  We’ve been waiting for what feels like forever and it was worth the wait.  I won’t spoil it here for any of you who are planning to see it.  
I will say, I would not take anyone younger than a very tough 9 to see this movie.  It has a much more adult feel to it than any of the other HP movies.  I’ve read the book 2-3 times and listened to the audio as many times as well and I was still caught off-guard at a couple of points.  (Ask Bing – she has the bruises on her arm from where I kept grabbing her!) 
I don’t know if this is my favorite Harry Potter movie yet.  It just might be, though.  The acting was great – it’s amazing to see how far the kids in the movie have come. The casting was also well done – it was fun to see some new characters.  Actually, I can’t wait to see it again, although we’ll probably wait for the dollar theater to see it a second time.
I love my older boys for being excited about the movie AND about seeing it with me and Bing.  Dan bought candy ahead of time (on sale and with his Winn Dixie discount lol!) and mixed up little bags for each of us.  Bing bought the popcorn.  We were already making plans for seeing part two as we left the theater. (A major part of seeing part two will involve us nagging my sister to death until she caves and brings her whole family down to come see it with us! But, shhhh . . . we’re being subtle about it.) Harry Potter, the books and the movies and the audio, have been a huge part of some of my best times with the kids and with my mom.  (Talk amongst yourselves.  I’ll be back in a minute, I have something in my eye.)
I’m up now because Mike gets up in about 45 minutes and if I try to climb in bed, he’ll wake up and his day will be endless.  I figure I’ll sit with him while he eats his oatmeal and finish my glass of wine.  He can go to work and I’ll climb into the still warm bed.  Win-win.  

I’m also up because Andy was complaining of a stomach ache when we got home.  I’m pretty sure it’s exhaustion weighted down by a giant soda, 4 lbs of popcorn and the monster ziploc of movie candy, but I’m waiting to be completely sure.  I don’t want to be sound asleep and suddenly wakened by a miserable sick kid.  It’s easier to stay awake an extra hour and be certain he’s just going to sleep it off.  

That’s my report.  All of you hurry up and see the movie so we can talk about it!! Have a great Friday morning.  I’ll see you sometime after lunch.

2 thoughts on “Loved it!

  1. I took a pretty tough eight year old who has listened to the book at least three times. At least she Knew when to bury her head in my shoulder!
    I liked it very much — much better than the last one, though I was disappointed with a couple things.

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