Fly-by November!

Does anyone else feel like November just appeared and disappeared while they were blinking?  Honestly, this month has flown by! 
Thanksgiving here was wonderful.  It’s wonderful because my mother is willing to manipulate a 25 lb naked, dead, headless turkey early in the morning.  Well, that’s part of it anyway.  Mostly, it’s wonderful because my mom makes her house so welcoming and beautiful (and I suck and never get pictures) and fun.  It really was a terrific and delicious day.  I gave the camera to the boys and the pictures are not pretty or reflective of the day, so I’m going to skip them. 
Dan got his first taste of having to work on a holiday.  By the time he got home at 2 pm and we were heading off for dinner at Bing’s, he was already exhausted.  I have to say he’s been working his non-existent butt off this past semester.  He has A’s in all of his classes at the community college and A’s at his two other classes.  He’s been working about 30 hours a week in addition.  Downside, he got a letter saying that Senator LeMieux would not be giving him a nomination for the Naval Academy (this would be Senator LeMieux of the “Do you feel you’re socially awkward since you’ve been homeschooled?” panel).  Not a surprise, but still disappointing.  I might send a letter to incoming Senator Rubio (who is replacing Senator LeMieux) with some basic homeschooling info for his service academy panels.  We’re still waiting to hear from Senator Nelson.  Quick!  Someone send him a fruit basket!!!!
In the meantime, Dan has been applying for Navy-ROTC scholarships.  Can I just say that I have absolutely NO idea where this man/child came from (s’cuze my grammar)?  Seriously, I’m the biggest flip-flopper, second-self-guesser of all time and I have this supremely confident son.  How? He’s applying to five schools and we’re crossing our fingers he gets  the full scholarship and admission to one of the schools.  Academically, he should get into all of the schools, but he wants the ROTC scholarship. 
With all of the boys we’ve been stressing the importance of higher education while extra-emphasizing the NO DEBT side of things.  Did you all know that ONE YEAR at Notre Dame costs over $54,000?  This is undergrad.  Four years and you still basically have NO skills (and I don’t care how smart you are).  You could possibly graduate $200,000+++++ in debt and have nothing to make someone want to hire you.  
We’re going the no-debt route here as much as possible.  It might get interesting.  Dan has always leaned toward the military.  Ian and Tim?  Not so much.  Heck, not at all.  Stay tuned for their adventures this coming spring and next fall. 
And, today is the end of November!  It amazes me how even when things feel out of my control, they still stay interesting.  And, more and more, things will be out of “MY” control – much as I hate it.  Slowly, though, I’m growing into this.  (And, I’m clinging to Andy like a tick.)
And, for all of this and so much more, I am beyond grateful.  How lucky am I to have the life I have? 

4 thoughts on “Fly-by November!

  1. I hope and pray Dan gets his letter!!!!!

    Senator socially awkward can get a life.. Any branch of the service would be lucky to have your Dan!

    Christopher is doing ROTC, he really likes it. He is hoping to get a full ride if he cant get into the Academy. The only thing he hates is cutting his hair. Oh, well we are doing the no debt rout for school as well. There is just no way we can pay for 4 kids college.

    My word verification is throc!

  2. I think this is the first time I have ever heard of someone trying to do school debt free. I will admit that my first reaction is that it's naive and impossible. I would be VERY interested in hearing you elaborate on how your kids will manage this, the options, etc…

  3. 0h and my word verification for the last pose was “naggic” so maybe that is how one goes to school debt free? With a combination of nagging and magic? 🙂

  4. Anon – I don't think doing school debt free is naive or impossible … it just might be different than many of “our” (raised in the 70's/80's) generation's ideas.

    The boys are already earning college credits as they finish high school. We are encouraging them to consider finishing the full two years of community college before heading to a state school or other school of their choice. That leaves them with two years of school to fund.

    Like me and Mike, they can work (even if they work more than one part time job – IF they can find them). They are contenders for many scholarships, while none are large, they add up. They can do like Mike did, work a semester, go to school a semester. There are plenty of ways to get an undergrad degree debt free.

    But, you know how I am … you're sure to hear much more about this as it actually stops happening. 😉

    If they encounter some debt (debt that can be paid in under five years upon graduation), so be it, but I am just paying off the last of my student loans – I don't want them to have that kind of obligation!

    LOL on your word verification. Mine is “clecti” – another reason to avoid debt lol – you don't want the clecti to come after you!

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