Slacker . . .

That’s me.  I’m a slacker.  It’s December – almost mid-December – and I’m not feeling all that Christmas-y.  It’s really hitting me that next year at this time, we’ll all be waiting for Dan to come home.  He won’t be here.  And, as much and often as he ticks me off, I’m going to miss him.  Andy is REALLY going to miss him.  

We decorated the tree.  I’m getting ready to redecorate it.  I love Mike and my sons, but they suck at tree decoration.  Yet, they all love the ornaments.  So we, every year, go through this goofy rite of them hanging the ornaments they love wherever on the tree and after they go to bed, I rearrange, add the garland and reset the lights.  (If you’re just catching on the the fact that I’m a control freak, please start at the oldest archived post and read on from there … it’s not a secret!)

I think I have most of the shopping done.  I think.  I’m disappointed but not really surprised at the lack of soap
sales.  Like just about everyone out there, I’d hoped for more sales, but I’m okay with the sales I do have (thank you!).  

How are your holiday plans working out?

3 thoughts on “Slacker . . .

  1. This year Peyton helped with the tree, then after he was asleep I re did the tree MY WAY! I know its a flaw, but one I admit..

    We are having a small Christmas, and with the car breaking down yesterday we may all just get a fixed car from Santa this year….

  2. My dh made me promise to never rearrange the tree after the kids decorate. The most I get to control is which ornaments I refuse to have on the tree. It kills me. sigh
    I would buy soap if I could Amy, I love your stuff. Have yet to do much shopping due to $$ shortage.
    Photo of your tree would be lovely. 🙂

  3. I was driving home from the mall today and thinking about who I had left to shop for and that soap would make a lovely gift… so as soon as I sit down and make sure I'm still within my xmas budget I'll place an order!!

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