It’s been so cold here lately.  30 degrees tonight!  My winter garden is dead mostly.  Every time I step outside I’m flooded with flashbacks from growing up in Pittsburgh, where people live with actual cold for months and months.  I guess I lived with it too, but I much prefer real Florida winter 75 during the day and a nice 52 in the evening.  Cold, but not too.  Anyway, I was curious if any of you have similar “flashbacks.”
1)  Waking up in the morning and eating cinnamon toast and drinking “tea” (I think it was mostly milk, but a blob of a tea bag and a lot of sugar) while we (my sister and I) propped our feet on the open, blasting oven door.  The kitchen was small and we were always warm and toasty as we left the house. 
2) Boots – When we were little, my sister and I wore those rubber boots you pulled over your shoes when it was wet or snowy.  Because the tops of the boots were loose-fitting, my mom took the extra precaution of wrapping our feet in bread bags over our shoes before we slid our feet into the boots.  Now, I think we all know that I have some issues as an adult.  Certain things need to be in certain places if I’m to be happy.  (It’s not as crazy as it sounds.)  As a kid?  I was a parent’s worst nightmare.  Things had to be exactly the way I pictured.  Not that I ever told anyone what the “picture” was.  They were grown ups, they should know.  So, when it came to the bread-bag-wrapping-of-the-feet, I was a monster.  The bags HAD to match.  I remember pitching a huge fit (which did not end well on my side) over having to wear a Town Talk (Pittsburgh bread) bag on one foot and a Wonder (delicious with bologna, potato chips and mayo) bag on the other.  Imagine the horror . . .  (I’m going to go sit under my bed for a little while and talk myself down.)
3) Being a teen – UGH!  Back in the late 70’s/early 80’s we didn’t have back packs (and why did we not have back packs?) . . . when it was cold and slushy and/or snowy, my mom would make me wear boots and a hat and all of that.  Well, what was the point of getting up at 5 am to straighten and then re-curl my hair if I had to stick a hat on my head?  What was the point of my totally cute outfit if I had to wear goofy boots to walk the two miles to the high school?  I used to carry a GAP bag with me at all times.  Once I’d left the house, the hat, the boots and all the other sensible things went into the bag.  I would march bravely to school with no hat, clogs with heels and an open jacket.  Hah!  I showed them. 
What are your stories?  I know you have them!

6 thoughts on “Flashbacks

  1. I remember all the layers of clothing before going outside. Then having to come in to pee almost right away.

    I was in college during the blizzards of '77 and '78 and I remember walking through snow waist deep to get to class. They had not cleared the walkways yet. This was central New York State.

    NOW I live in Central Florida and this weather seems FREEZING!

  2. wonder bread? Weren't YOU fancy? Luckily, we had the Poor Folk No Frills bread that was 2 for 99 cents, so we usually had matching bags. But yeah, had to do the same thing. Shoes, then bread bags with a rubber band (who needs circulation?) Then those rubber galoshes that kind of folded over and buttoned.

    I'm inspired to write a wintery post of my own…

  3. I grew up in Indiana and had totally forgotten about the bread bags over the shoes before the boots went on. Ours were always Roman Meal brand. Do you think they still do that up north? LOL Thanks for the flashback.

  4. Growing up I lived on an Army base in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. It was a small base with no high school so we were bused to a bigger base (Fulda) over an hour away.. In Germany it snows A LOT! My dad insisted that I dress like a dork in tons of layers to stay warm. Like any good daughter I would sneak clothes in my bag. One day I snuck my Madonna skirt and changed at school, adding some lip gloss (I had to be cool you know). Turns out I was allergic to my so cool lip gloss and they had to call my dad. After driving an hour to get me he was not amused..

    Someday I want to take my boys to Germany, but I think we will plan a summer trip!

    Speaking of bread I grew up eating bread in a clear bag, with no name.. I had no idea Wonder bread even existed until I was much older. Our breakfast cereal came in white boxes with black letters. I had never heard of Trix of Lucky Charms! Yep, I was deprived.. But, I did have those great MRE cookies..

  5. Ok, I've got more. Listening to KDKA on the radio to hear if school was closed for a “Snow Day”… The Carroll's humongous toboggan down our puny, yet steep, back yard hill – straight into the back of our house!! What a great time! I much preferred TownTalk bread bags!

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