Missing my right arm . . .

Talk about taking something for granted!  Who knew I relied on my right arm as much as I do?  Now I do.  I miss it.  The braces seem to be helping but they are confining and limiting and I’m getting antsy.  I’m used to being able to hop on the computer and type and think out loud and, heck, use the mouse.  I’m getting better at left-handed mouse-ing, but the typing .  . . not so much.

The older boys finished up their semester and I’m proud of their grades and their efforts.  I have the box set to return their rented text-books (this is SO the way to go with undergrad classes).  They are registered for the next semester and the timing of all their classes is great – Andy and I might actually have a couple days a week with a car!  
I was surprised when I sat down with Dan to figure out his classes to discover that he will finish his senior year of high school with an AA degree in college as well.  We were both surprised.  It’s fun when a plan actually works.  Dan has done all of the work, but after all of these years homeschooling, I’m gratified and relieved that I wasn’t just blowing smoke.  Whew!   I ended up writing his English recommendation for the USNA with an emphasis on the cirriculia I used rather than my impressions of him as a mom.  I would think the above and his test scores tell them what they need to know.  Even though he didn’t get a senator recommendation, he is still in the running for “prep school.”  In the meantime, Dan is on top of the Naval ROTC scholarship option.  
Ian and Tim are figuring out their own paths.  I’m constantly amazed at how different all of my boys are.  Tim is looking at pursuing an EMT certification and then using that employment to pay his way through nursing school.  He has no interest in being a doctor and, if you’ve not met Tim, nursing is probably the very best thing he could do.  He’s kind, thoughtful, caring and smart.  Tim has had this plan in mind for a while, but I only learned of it recently. I’m so proud of him for figuring out a solid plan that suits him so well.  
Ian?  Ian is too smart for his own good. He likes everything and would do well at everything.  He’s just taking a big range of classes and trying to figure out what truly interests him.  He’s smarter than the rest of the family combined, so it might take a while.  I’m excited and curious to see where Ian’s path goes.
Andy?  Andy is on the very fringes of puberty.  Those would be the stoopid fringes where every day is a brand new subject.  Is Andy stoopid?  Not at all, but we’ve got a couple of interesting years ahead of us if his brothers were any indication.  I just have to keep reminding myself that he’s not being stoopid on purpose.  Growing and hormones are ugly things sometimes.  Heck, I have a week a month dedicated to controlling my irrational hatred of everything on the planet, I can cede a few months to Andy, right?  
Christmas?  I am a little confused.  We’re all set.  It’s not a big Christmas here, but it isn’t totally sucky either.  I feel like I should be doing something, but it’s all done.  I’m sore confused.  Mike and the boys have picked up a lot of stuff I usually do because of my stoopid arm.  I love that they’ve done this, but, I’m at a loss now.  
I’m also feeling guilty for feeling so “done” when so many of the women I know are beyond stressed and just trying to find the time to get the basics done.  I wish I could “give” some of my time to them to give them some relief.  
It’s a weird thing having older kids.  I miss a lot of our little holiday rituals and activities, but there’s a freedom in giving them up.  Same with activities.  I don’t have to drive or schedule most stuff – there’s another couple hours in my week.  Fortunately for me, Andy loves the Christmas stuff and the older boys, if they are home, are still into them too.  Not to mention, I live with Mike, the world’s oldest 10-year-old.  8)  
So, where are you with your holiday plans? 

One thought on “Missing my right arm . . .

  1. Steve got carpal tunnel in both arms at once and finally bought speech-to-text software. It's come in very handy when he feels the tingle coming back. Of course, the computer is his job, so we can't mess about.

    Congrats to you and the boys on being awesome. :O) My brother is a nurse at Cleveland Clinic, but I have a feeling Florida Boy isn't looking to go there…

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