When "stealing" is okay – Mom, go read something else please!

Last night I found a new-to-me blog.  The Blogess was posting about how every year she gives her parents the “best gift they never receive.”  I was inspired and touched by the post.  I have not felt very Christmas-y so far this year.  Joining Jenny’s (that’s The Blogess’ real name) Christmas this year helped change that.  I volunteered to help and went to bed waiting for my email.
This morning, we had tons of running around.  Part of it was fun, Andy’s last football game (they finally won!!!!) in the freezing morning rain, a pizza party and time with friends.  Part of it was not fun.  Shopping.  On the best days, I hate to shop.  Today as I wandered around, I was finding myself getting grumpy about “having” to buy presents for people that neither want nor need anything.  We came home, empty-handed and I checked my email.  Sure enough, I had an email from Jenny and a family to help.  I quickly sent an electronic gift card and, you know what?  That was the happiest, most fun thing I’ve done in a long time!!!!  
So,  I started thinking.  I reread The Bloggess’ posts and I think my parents will like my decision.  They were always there when Mike and I were having a rough time.  When the boys were little, my mom would come sit on them so I could grocery shop.  It never failed that I’d find a $10 or $20 bill hidden somewhere I’d be likely to find it after she’d left.  That little bit made a HUGE difference to us at the time. I’ve seen my parents help people all of my life.  Usually in quiet, meaningful ways.  I guess I’m a grown up now and I can follow their example. 
So many people are struggling right now just to keep up with the basics – not gifts or extravagances – but rent, food, clothing, car repairs/payments and life’s little/big emergencies.  With that in mind, I’m going to take the money  I would normally spend on my parent’s gift(s) (plus some soap money) and I’m going to give it away in the form of five $30 gifts to the first five people here who need it. I love all of you who read here and why not spread some Christmas cheer to the people who visit me daily?  I wish I had more to give.  Leave a comment you can be anonymous – you don’t need to leave a lot of details, just an email where I can work out the details with you.  You can use the money for gifts, food, heat, rent, a family you know that’s in need or whatever you don’t have the money for right now.  We’ve had lots of Christmases where we just scraped through and sometimes, an extra $30 can make a huge difference. 

That’s it.  Merry Christmas!!!

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