Maybe if I rephrase this . . .

For the first time ever, we’re actually a little ahead this Christmas.  Inspired by The Bloggess’ generosity I thought I’d try being generous too.  But it’s not working.  (Jen and Beth, you both mentioned people who could use a gift card – I can do paypal, walmart or target – but I need info can you please email me at I’ve set that money aside for those families.)
I actually went to the bank today and pulled out cash and stuck $30 into three different little cards.  But, I’m such a wuss.  I’m just not sure how you go about giving money to strangers, especially when I don’t look all that extra special or rich or money-giving-ish.  I’d so much rather give it to you all – people who read here. Plus, I think it’s easier to give anonymously and to receive anonymously – we all have to start somewhere. I trust you and I hope you guys get what I’m trying to do. There it is.  I’m a total wimp.  (Probably, I’ll give out the cards in my purse too, but it’s going to scare me to death.  I’d like to do some fun giving too – if you’ll all just help me a little!)

Can NONE of you nominate a mom who has gone without all year (or for years and years?)?  Maybe a mom who cuts her own hair, safety pins her good bra together or who is still using the same make up she’s had since high school?  Sure, her family is provided for and their needs are met, but this mom is always in the back seat or in the trunk.  Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in the trunk, $30 can go a long way.  A new bra, a Great Clips hair cut and/or a box of hair color, some foundation made post 1990 can make anyone feel like a new woman.  What a great way to meet the new year!  Do you need a boost into the new year?  Do you have a friend who needs a boost?  I’m here for you!  😉
Nominate your favorite mom (or yourself) who needs a little “mom money” here or via email (  Who knew it could be so hard to give money away?  LOL.  Of course, everyone will get soaps.  


6 thoughts on “Maybe if I rephrase this . . .

  1. I know a mom who always puts the needs of her son first. Her husband died 4 years ago and she has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. She gets his social security, works 40 hours a week and homeschools too. I did not nominate her earlier, because she has scrimped and shopped bargains to provide a Christmas for her son, and I thought you wanted people whose children would not have a Christmas. She always puts herself last however. She went almost a year with her teeth falling apart before she could use her tax return to get false teeth. You can email me at rebel (underscore) hart1969 (at) yahoo (dot) com for her info.

  2. I got nothing but I didn't want you to think I wasn't TRYING to come up with a name. I know of a group but it isn't moms and so not really in the spirit of the thing. Good luck!

  3. OK, I do know a mom in a family that is just scraping by month-by-month. The dad had his income cut over 50% after 9/11 (he is baggage handler for an airline) and it has never gone back up – he and the wife have had injuries/surgeries/car accidents…and the two teen sons had the same seizure disorder as my SillyAutismBoy – (only they are much, MUCH better off now – meds did for them what they did not do for my kid.) BUT – give her a gift card and this remarkable woman would most likely re-gift it to a family even worse off through their tiny church. Still, if you want her address, email me.

  4. Amy, I do know someone who could use the help… I just can't guarantee that if she got the money she wouldn't spend it on her kids.

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