This will tick someone off . . .

That’s not really my intention . . . or maybe it is . . . but I cannot keep it inside any longer. Over the past two days I have talked to (and/or read about) FAR too many people who are tossing their leftovers and their candy and/or cookies from Christmas. WAH! It’s December 26 folks. 
By all means get back to exercising and eating crunchy, green things, but all of this tossing of carefully planned, lovingly prepared or given food? Who among us has a photo-shoot scheduled for tomorrow? And even if you do have a photo-shoot scheduled, THIS is exactly the reason God made airbrushes.
I’m coming at this from two angles – the frugal angle and the “lighten up” angle. I am terminally cheap. I think it’s wrong to just toss perfectly good food. Everyone has holiday favorites that they make once, maybe twice, a year. If it’s not all eaten that first day, you toss it? Why not use it for leftovers – kids can handle fried mashed potatoes for breakfast or lunch. Heck, moms can too – 1-2 times a year! Cookies? Duct tape them in a ziploc bag and freeze them. You can crumble them and make pie crusts or ice cream topping or, if you put all the really good chocolate ones in a bag, you have an instant PMS fix during a really bad month until at least June if you seal the bag up well. And the duct tape is a great deterrent for anyone like me with little impulse control.  But don’t just toss all that effort and butter and butter and butter.
Enjoy the holidays! Let’s go with the 12 days of Christmas – 12 days! (Hanukkah gets 8 days and Ramadan gets a month, so let’s go with 12) Out of 365. Eat the damn cookies – walk or run a little more if that helps (or not, I’m all for that for 12 days if you really want a break). Life will go back to normal soon enough.
It makes me so sad to see perfectly beautiful people tossing perfectly great, special food to avoid . . . I don’t know – what are they avoiding? A few extra pounds, perhaps. Heck, even if you keep the stuff a day or two or three after Christmas . . . But to toss it all on the 26th? C’mon!
I don’t want my kids to think twice about every cookie or every meal over the holidays. We’ve always concentrated on the fun in making stuff.  Heck we even worked math into it – figuring how many people we give cookies too and how many dozen we should make. We do a lot of baking. We give away a ton of cookies and we still have a ton of cookies. And, for one week – it’s kind of a cookie free-for-all. Same with meals. We eat a lot of snack-heavy meals this time of year – and we all know it’s mostly once-a-year-stuff. Then we go back to real life. 
I’m sorry to be such a goober – since I do it everyone must do it – I don’t mean that, really, I don’t – I’m just kind of flipped out about the number of people I’ve been in contact with who are simply tossing away 11 potentially delicious and semi-nutritious days of Christmas.  Are we the only ones who hang onto our cookies and our leftovers? 
Disclaimer: Obviously if there are allergy or severe health issues I would hope you didn’t put yourself in the position of having stuff that could really harm you in the first place. If you received dangerous things as gifts, by all means regift or toss.

4 thoughts on “This will tick someone off . . .

  1. I can't imagine that kind of waste, especially as lots of love is usually poured into those special meals and gifts of baked goods. I have had Christmas cookies for breakfast for a week and while I can't fit in my good pants right now, I don't regret it an instant. Even now I have taken the turkey out family sat at the table together to enjoy and am making soup to enjoy it further. Waste not want not, you called it Amy!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of anyone doing that. I divide it all up, using my best organizational moves, create menus and snack plans for the weeks to come. Throwing away food… that's just wasteful.

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