Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you’re all doing well with your jet-packs and hovercrafts.  It’s 2011 right?  Aren’t we supposed to be living the Jetson life by now?  I know that’s my plan.  
First police cruiser arrived at our lovely, calm, quiet party at 8:36.  The officer “assigned” to our case could have been my son (had I been a very irresponsible/unlucky young teen).  He was as nice as could be.  We talked and agreed that the calls to him were coming from one place.  He said he’d no sooner take away our legal fireworks than come around on Halloween and say the kids could not trick or treat.  He apologized and said he’d have to keep coming back as long as neighbor kept calling.  While he and I were establishing our relationship, the neighbor actually came out and threatened our new neighbors (from Columbia) (one house up and across the street) with calling INS.  Really charming.  Since, my older kids were already hanging out with their older kids, we just all banded together.  Stoopid neighbor, she could have had so much fun last night.  

“My” police officer came around again at about around 9:58.  We talked.  I offered him more food.  I really wanted to ask for his mom’s phone number so I could call her and tell her what a great son she had.  He moved on.  And, so it went until midnight.  What a crazy waste of time and energy and money.  Still, it was nice to meet such a fine young man.  I told him I hoped we’d see him if he had to work on July 4.  He said he hoped he wouldn’t have to work July 4, but that if he did, he’d request our neighborhood.  Goofy, goofy, goofy.

It was a fun, fun night.  We had a great group of people here and they all came bearing delicious food.  It was a crazy mix of grown ups and kids.  More and more, it’s hard to tell between them.  Kids (including my own) who have been coming here for NYE since they were wearing velcro sneakers are now driving themselves and showing up late because they “had to shave.”  Even Andy and his friends are growing taller than the shorter women in our group.  At some point we might have to resort to kidnapping short people to round things out.  

I am grateful to our neighbors who made a cameo appearance with their new twins.  Nothing better than a whiff of new baby to ring in the new year!  

Hope you all had a great night/day.  Wishing all of us the best for 2011.  

6 thoughts on “8:36

  1. 8:36!!?!? Looks like the bulk of us were WAY too gracious toward your neighbor, in the pool. WOW.

    Glad you have a lovely police officer. I sincerely hope that woman gets a clue. (And I'm REALLY glad your new neighbors have you guys to band up with!)
    (Gah, have to sign in anon b/c I can't remember my Google password!)

  2. Wow.

    It sounds like almost everyone had a good time… and really, don't you think Mrs. Kravitz had fun, too? I bet she LIVES for the moments that she has an 'excuse' no matter how thin and far fetched, to call the police.

    I want to come to your house next year for New Year's eve… can I?

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Growing boys are such a strange and unusual phenomenon, aren't they? When I go to the homeschool (make that homeschool alumni) field trips, there are all these tall stubbly young men walking around with us short (yet very youthful) women.

    So close on the police calls! Maybe next year. 😉

  4. You guys are all invited for any police-event at our house. 8)

    ObiMom – I'm certain the neighbors will take action if she continues with her insane threats.

    Mom1 – I like the emphasis you put on “youthful” I need to use that adjective more often. 😉

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