The New Year . . . sigh

I love getting back into a routine – really, I do. But, must it be so painful? The older boys have classes on Monday and Wednesday that start at 8 am. If you are a teenage boy who lives on a farm, this is not too bad. If you are my teenage boys, this is akin to getting up at 5 am to milk the porcupines. It’s not been pretty and tomorrow is only the second day of classes. My hope is that they will figure out how to better manage their time QUICKLY. Gah!!!!
Andy is another rocky road. The long break has rendered math to be an entirely new subject. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. I remember this with the other boys, but somehow, with so many less distractions, it seems more tragic with Andy. I keep telling myself, “MUST not smother last child. The others learned and will soon be functioning adults. Back off, woman.” To be honest, it’s not really working. Happy note – he remembers all of his Latin. I’m not sure how this bodes for the future. Half-full or half-empty? Stay tuned.
In middle-aged-world, I’m in my yearly panic to get everything I ever thought of done in two weeks. I am aware of the pattern, but I cannot break it. We MUST do x, x and y NOW or bad things will happen. Currently, I’m trying to figure out 1) if I really do want to repaint the living room and kitchen and 2) are slipcovers worth the effort – I’ve made them before, just, well, I’ve made them before. It’s not hard, it’s just big and time consuming and is our furniture really that ugly yet?
Planning Dan’s Eagle Scout ceremony. He’s having his ceremony with three other young men. They’ve all been together since they were 8-year-old Cub Scouts. It’s not that hard to get it all together, it’s just something I have been delaying because it’s another “last” for Dan. Who knew I was such a mushy person? I’m so surprised at how reluctant I am to see all of the “kid” things come to an end for my first-born while at the same time, I’m so excited to see what he does with his life. I know there’s lots more to look forward to, but this is a weird-in-between-time.
To that end, I have a new-Christmas-yoga mat. I bought some new yoga pants. I have a video and a dvd lined up. What’s stopping me? For now I’m going to go with my theory that yoga clothing must be broken in before it’s used for actual stretching. I’m looking forward to starting it up. I think if I can get Andy back into his math groove, I should be able to carve out 30 minutes in the morning to ease myself into a calmness I’ve never possessed. Right? It could happen.

5 thoughts on “The New Year . . . sigh

  1. I'm with you, all those “last kid” things really do get annoying. Luckily you get to practice on a few kiddos before it's final. I only get one shot . . . YIKES . . . I'm not sure if I can hold it together. I'd better go blubber on my own blog, LOL.

  2. I hear you on the total loss of all knowledge after breaks. Math? What is math?

    PL's mid-terms were the week after of winter break. Doesn't his school realize that children appear to have no mental holding mechanism in place after a two week break? Gah! (Thankfully, he appears to have done well so far despite the school.)

  3. Yes, Yoga pants are serious business.. They need to be stretched a bit for circulation reasons!.

    Want to come paint my walls while you wait for your pants to loosen a bit?

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