Frah-jee-lay! A Football Story.

Sure, we’ve all watched A Christmas Story at least once.  We all know you’ll shoot your eye out with a BB gun.  But, the “major award” is not getting enough publicity.  I dunno, maybe lots of men win insane prizes and are inordinately proud of them.  All I have to go by is the movie A Christmas Story and my own life.  Sadly, I didn’t get a leg lamp  – which  I would actually kind of like.  No . . . 

Mike entered a football pool thing on a local radio station and won.  And we are now the proud owners of a beer tube – seen in the picture.  It’s currently sitting in the middle of my living room.  It’s plastic, so I can’t pretend to knock it over and break it.  Make it go away – someone, anyone. 

(The picture isn’t that clear – it’s a football base, with a tap and a tube that holds a 12-pack, there’s even a drain thingie.  It’s hideous and big and, did I mention, it’s in the middle of my living room?)

6 thoughts on “Frah-jee-lay! A Football Story.

  1. Fantastic! Mom #2 would love to fill it with green tea and keep it beside her to keep her calm when she watches the Cowboys play. They've been *ahem* having a rough season!

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