Indulgence – a soap box minute

If you are asked and you accept to write a letter of  recommendation for a student, friend, neighbor, whatever . . . do it.  If you are hesitant about writing a recommendation or you can’t meet the timeline, be up front.  If you are dealing with a kid who has been homeschooled, REALLY be up front.  If you won’t, can’t, or hesitate for whatever reason (and all you have to say is “No, I can’t do this right now.”) by all means speak up.  Odds are you will hurt the feelings of the kid’s parents more than you will the kid, but at least everyone knows where they stand.  

Dan has been “stood up” now twice.  Once for reasons I’m not sure about and twice because the teacher sent the recommendation to the wrong address and has since moved out of state.  As his mom and main teacher for the past 10 years, I can write a recommendation, but it carries little weight.  A strike against Dan who is finishing up his second year of college (junior/senior year of high school) with straight A’s. 

If someone asks you for a letter, take it seriously.  Your failure to follow through can really impact that young person’s life.

2 thoughts on “Indulgence – a soap box minute

  1. Oh, Amy.

    I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to Dan – and not just once! How hard it must be for young people to hear about the need to be responsible when another's irresponsible behavior affects them so profoundly.

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