Happy 11, Andy!

My BABY of all my babies is 11.  How is that possible?  And, then, I think to myself – I do that a lot . . . I turn 46 this year and my mom is still living her life and not clinging to me and weeping every June when my birthday rolls around.  But, really, 11?  That’s stranger to me than Danny turning 18 this past September. 

And we roll on  . . .four more inches and I will be the shortest person in the house. 

5 thoughts on “Happy 11, Andy!

  1. Happy Birthday, Andy! I feel like I've watched you grow up. I remember reading about that choc drink mix incident and it doesn't seem like it could be all that long ago. My baby turned 10 a couple weeks ago. It's a little bittersweet for sure.

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