All or nothing . . .

I’m headed to bed but wanted to check in . . . Why do we go for long stretches with nothing that interesting going on and then all the interesting stuff gets bunched together?
In case you’ve never met me, I’m a Harry Potter addict.  I love the books, I love the audio books and I mostly love the movies.  A lot.  For Christmas, my mom surprised me and my family and my sister and her family with tickets to Universal to check out the Harry Potter deal there.  We all went today.  (For the record, my brother was invited, but he hates theme parks, hasn’t read HP and I think my sister and I and our combined seven kids make him twitchy lol).  I’m not going to go into detail right now, but suffice it to say that I LOVED it.  LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  Despite being soaking wet and freezing for most of the day, we all had a blast.  I promise more details in a future post.
Tomorrow is Danny’s Court of Honor for his Eagle Scout rank.  He’s having the ceremony with three other boys/young men that he has been with since they were all about seven.  It’s amazing to have four kids from one troop, much less one little patrol, make Eagle Scout.  I’m so incredibly proud of Danny.  He earned this on his own.  We were lucky to find a great group way back when he was in second grade.  Mike and I have made some lifetime friends and Danny has as well.  
After the official ceremony, because I’m clearly smoking crack in my sleep, we’re having a cookout.  It seemed small and easy when I was planning it weeks and weeks ago, but you all know how that goes.  Three soaps to the person who correctly guesses the first patrol car at the house tomorrow.  We’re expecting between 35-50 people.  No explosives are planned, but who knows. 

Stay tuned for pictures and details on Harry Potter AND our imminent arrest … err… Danny’s Eagle Scout party. (check out the cake – I’ll have more details on this later too – isn’t it just stunningly amazing?????  I can barely bake brownies! I can’t believe someone I know made that in her kitchen!!!!!!!)

9 thoughts on “All or nothing . . .

  1. Oh, just send an announcement about the FOUR new Eagles and and invitation to the cookout(since they will be called anyway haha) to the police. The officers will probably want to congratulate the new Eagle anyway (in your front yard in full view of the strange neighbor!!!)

    I will guess within TWENTY minutes of the party starting.

  2. yay on both accounts!

    I still think it would have been awesome if Disney had gotten the HP contract and made it somehow connect to Epcot. They'd put a Leaky Cauldron in the England part and you'd get there that way…

  3. Congrats, Danny!!

    I'll be generous and say 1 hr into the party the police will show up. Save the cake til he gets there! LOL


  4. Congratulations, Danny!

    That's some good crack you're smoking in bed, there, Amy – please be sure to invite the new neighbors on the other side, too. They'll need you as a buffer until they a) get to know the police well, and b) learn their way around dealing with your delightful *aherm* neighbor.

    I'll be generous, too (although I'm laughing at what we all consider “generous”, after the NYE party, LOL) and say about 45 minutes after the party starts.

    And. AND! I am SO envious of the trip to HPW!! That's one we really want to hit. Can't wait for the pictures!

  5. Congratulations to Danny! I love the cake!
    We would love to go to HPW — I look forward to your review!

    I give your neighbor 40 minutes, only because Travis made me average the previous guesses (otherwise I'd have guessed sooner).

  6. 33 minutes, I'm sorry to say!

    Congratulations, Danny, and congrats to mom and dad, too, since you nurtured, and drove, and encouraged for all these years. Good on ya!

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