What if . . .

we had a party and the police didn’t show up??  We did just that on Saturday.  Amazing but true.  
Dan and three of the young men he has been in Scouts with since he was seven all had their Eagle Scout Ceremony on Saturday afternoon. (l to r:  Dan, Zach, Josh and Kyle)  It was a wonderful, kind of bittersweet afternoon.  All four families had been working and planning for this event for a long time.  The boys’ first leader came to be our emcee.  My sister and her family drove nine hours to be here.  In all, there were about 100, give or take, people there who all have watched these kids grow up.  
I was tired when Saturday started.  I’d been up the night before getting food ready and getting the house ready for our post-ceremony cook-out.  I don’t mind staying up at night; I do mind getting up and having to be nice in the morning.  But, when I showed up with a truckload of food and decorations and walked into the civic center, it was all I could do not to cry.  My friends, the other parents and Kaaren the awesome cake-lady, were all there.  It was really happening.  
The ceremony was wonderful.  It was funny and touching and very personal.  It was a time to reflect on how much all of the boys have grown up and changed while still being the same little boys I knew years ago.  I remember when I could pick each and every one of them up to stick them on the kitchen counter when they needed a band-aid.  Now, they could all pick me up and toss me across the street.  But, I think they’d all still ask for a band-aid and a glass of juice if they needed it.  It’s just amazing to me that all four of them stuck together and finished up together.  
After the official ceremony, we invited people back to the house for a cook-out.  There were a bunch of people here yesterday.  It was nice, sort of, that it got colder as the afternoon wore on because a lot of people went home to get warmer clothes.  I had time to come home, bundle up and get things set up.  
What a great afternoon.  One, our neighbor never even called the police.  (I kept my lip gloss handy, just in case the cute cop from New Year’s Eve showed up. Poor Mike, he knows I’m insane, but not quite enough to have me committed.)  Two, our house was bursting with friends and family and families who all know and love these boys.  There were people everywhere – inside and out.  It’s so weird to me because I really am an introvert – I like people just fine, but I much prefer quiet.  And yet, we had a full house and it seems like everyone had a good time and few things could make me happier.  
The little kids were playing on the tire swing and in the tree house and out front on scooters and bikes and you name it.  The adults were in the house talking books, outside talking grilling, outside making a fire pit for marshmallows.  There were also a lot of people playing on the Wii. We do not have a big house, but it sure can hold a lot of people when we need it to do so. 
We’re so lucky to live in the town and the neighborhood that we do.  We’re blessed to have the family that we have.  Sometimes, after an evening like last night, I feel like we’re hogging all the good stuff, but there’s plenty to go around, right?  And, even if we are hogging it all up, it was just one day (well, two days if you count Harry Potter).   Do you know that feeling?  Like everything is just too good and happy and nice? That’s how yesterday was.  I’m sure the other shoe will drop (does anyone know what that actually means?) soon, but for now, I’m basking in the aftermath.  So many wonderful people are in our lives – it’s hard to wrap your head around it after things like this Eagle Ceremony.  We really are incredibly lucky and blessed and happy to know the people we know.

Here are a couple of pictures.  I hope you all have many days as wonderful as this one was. 

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