Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl

and . . . all the other random stuff that constitutes our lives.  
Andy and I have been studying Oceanography this year.  We’ve finally moved out of tides and weather systems and onto ocean animals.  As we read and talked about mollusks, custaceans and fish Andy expressed an interest in dissection.  Hmmm . . . homeschool mom dilemma.  I have ZERO interest in dissecting anything.  Heck, I make dinner every day, isn’t that enough?  Lucky for Andy, Mike is willing and able.
He took Andy and his best friend, Paul, to the local Chinese grocery store where they not only got to see some awesome Chinese New Year celebration stuff, but they also got to see a real Chinese market with fresh poultry, seafood and pretty much anything you don’t find at your local grocery store.  They were there for nearly three hours!  They came home with one whole fish, one whole crab and a couple of clams.  
I gave Mike a printout of basic diagrams of  each creature’s innards.  He and the boys set a table up outside and got to work.  They learned a lot.  I learned how much I love Mike.  And, then they headed inside to cook up their “catch.”  It was a fun afternoon for everyone.
Sunday, we invited a few people over for the Superbowl.  By a few, I invited people and Mike invited people but all of the invitations were open-ended.  Why do we keep doing this?  It’s hard to cook when you don’t know how many people are coming to your house.  I made jambalaya, deep-dish brownies and also a Buffalo chicken dip.  We had chips and veggies too.  Our guests brought tons of other stuff and everyone in the crowd was stuffed and happy, even as the Steelers lost.  It was about 20 people last night, but we all sucked it up and ate like it was 40.  I think we’re the REAL winners.  😉 
I’m restless these days.  I cleaned up – everyone left by around 10 pm or so.  I did some laundry.  I paced around the house.  I need a project or something.  I just cannot figure out what I want to do that will keep me busy at night yet keep us safe from me repainting the entire house, baking us into complete heart disease or, as in my dream last night, spending every last penny we have on a “great”  deal for hardwood flooring.  For now I’m focusing on our spring garden which I can start planting soon.  Anyone have a good source for both hybrid and non-hybrid seeds?  I feel like I have enough experience I can start experimenting a bit . . .

Nothing too terribly funny to report these days.  Although, as kickoff was approaching for the game we were missing our neighbors from across the street.  Finally, they showed up.  I asked what the hold up had been.  They had been waiting to see at least one of our cars in the driveway before coming over – Dan had one car at work and Ian had the other while he was off doing a school project.  Man, things have changed since the days of a shut garage door being a signal that one or another or all kid(s) was/were in trouble and couldn’t play or that someone is sick . . . we’re going to have to work out some new signals for “Yes, one or more grownups is/are home.” 

5 thoughts on “Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl

  1. Why don't you take up your knitting again? It's great therapy for the mood you're in – It's a real lifesaver for me.(and no calories!) is like FB for knitters & crocheters. Browse tons of finished projects for inspiration and download free or inexpensive patterns. I can see you becoming a compulsive sock knitter…

  2. We buy heirloom seeds. Heirloom Solutions. We love that we can grow purple carrots and tomatoes and all the other *normal* stuff.

    And the idea is to let some go to seed so you can keep growing from what you've got. No seed to keep buying from someone else. You can't do that with hybrids.

  3. Okay, well all those things are fun and interesting and as always, I am envious of your close friendships with your neighbors.

    But my mind goes the end of your post and working out new signals.

    I think you should hang your bra on the front door.

  4. LOL, Ami is such a hoot!

    Do you sew? Crochet? Knit? You seem to be very artsy-crafty . . . I bet those things will help funnel some of that energy.

    I tried that Borax trick with the dishwasher. It worked!!!

  5. I love you guys!

    Lisa – I have been knitting (badly) all along. I need to take a class or something to move beyond what I can do now. I did sign up at ravelry, but so far, I feel pretty stoopid. LOL

    Robinella – thanks for the suggestion. I found a local nursery that carries heirloom seeds (who knew) nearby – I want purple carrots too! I'll be bugging you with questions soon.

    Ami – I saw my neighbors this evening and they think your idea is as hysterical as I do! I'll keep you posted – there is so much potential for holiday bra themes!

    Mom #1 – I'm so glad the Borax is working for you too. I'm still so excited about it. I do sew and knit (badly) and all kinds of stuff. I think that's part of the problem – picking something and sticking with it. You know you'll hear about the journey lol.

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