Really? Your butt isn’t big enough?

Perusing the news this evening, I saw two items that made me go “Hmmmm. . . .”  I have yet to meet a woman who complains her butt isn’t big enough.  Even my friends that share my lack-of-butt challenges still check the mirror to see if “this makes my butt look fat.”  
Here, herbal medicines that will grow you a butt (your liver and potential for developing cancer be damned).  It’s all about leaving a great-looking corpse, right?  Free range chicken is fine, but, it’s all about the butt.  And, then, HERE! is a woman that died trying to enhance her butt, which if you go through the pictures in the article, was perfectly lovely before she started. 

I’m so glad to have sons.  I make them read these articles and we talk about real and not real/normal and not normal.  We talk about things like this and this.  We live in a strange, strange world. 

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