Behinder and behinder . . .

I just need to sit down every night and blog.  I used to be good about it.  Lately, eh.  I miss having easy funny stories at my fingertips.  Now, I have funny stuff, but if I told them they would be mean.  (*snort* jeans-tshirt-mime — See?  Not funny, but the whole story IS.  It’s killing me to be quiet.)
Time once again for me to go on a media fast.  Seriously, is anyone else paying attention to the insane world we live in and the insane people that are somehow in charge?  The more I see and read  the more I think it’s not going to end well.  And, when I get like this, it’s time to take a break.  I KNOW deep in my heart that most of it doesn’t matter to me and those I love.  Being pissed off at people I don’t know is not a useful way to spend time.  (Send money, if you care, for Andy’s therapy jar, though.)
I’ve been struggling with the older boys – not in a bad way, but in a way.  Three teenagers are exhausting even when they’re really good kids.  I fight the moments I just want to bang their heads together to get their attention.  Then , I think back and I’m really glad my mom didn’t smash my head against one of my siblings or a wall (though she was certainly entitled if memory serves).  It’s weird how tiring it is.  I was constantly physically exhausted when they were wee people, but back then they went to bed at 7:30 and I had ample time to regroup.  Now, I’m not physically exhausted, but I AM exhausted at the end of each day.  
That all said, we had a mostly great week.  The older boys continue to do well in their college(ish) classes and Andy is finally finding his groove with Math and Latin.  I let the ball drop today, though.  I got up with Mike around 5 am (yes, really I did – it’s the only time we have to talk without kids wandering in and out).  Mike left for the Y around 5:20.  I was so congested and gooey from allergies, I opted to take one of Ian’s BIG HONKING allergy pills before heading back to bed.  Ian takes these pills regularly with no side effects.  I take one and it’s like downing a bottle of the old-good NyQuil.  
Andy woke me at 9 am.  I staggered out, helped him with breakfast (read I cut a bagel in half), laid out his math for the morning and went to “sit” on the couch.  My “sitting” on the couch ended around 12:45.  It was scary.  I woke up feeling like I was under water.  Once I was up and moving, though, I felt as if I’d had about 18 hours of sleep.  I may never sleep again.  Andy, no fool, had had Tim check his math.  He had Ian teach his Latin and he had Dan help with his writing drills.  All, while I drooled like an old St. Bernard on the couch.  No more HONKING allergy pills for me.  Shoot, I know better.  
Sorry to be gone for so long.  No good reason, just not feeling terribly cheery or “sharing-ish” lately.  No need to bring you all down to my level.  
Weekend plans?  Getting the garden ready to go.  Mike offered to help and he has NO clue what he’s in for – I have sketches all over the place.  I want to go big this summer – I’m thinking learning to can stuff might be fun.  I’ll make sure we get pictures.  

Hope all is well in your world.

2 thoughts on “Behinder and behinder . . .

  1. My daughter, son-in-law and I have had terrible allergies for a couple weeks now. Just have to look at the hood of our white car to see why! Yuck!

    If I could grow anything, I would have a garden, too!

  2. Email me and vent.
    If you want.

    Hope your allergies clear a bit soon. You really should live somewhere more civilized.

    Are you allergic to mold? You could live here if you're not.

    But if you are, don't even try it. You'll end up growing mold in your armpits. It's that wet here.

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