All kinds o’ fun here . . . Part II

After dropping Tim off for his first bus ride since he was 6, Andy and I headed to Good Will (not because Andy wanted to, but he doesn’t mind sitting there reading while I shop).   It’s been a while since I had a great Good Will day.  Yesterday was my day.
Friday, Andy and I are going with some friends to Universal (to use up the second day of our Christmas passes).  The cold weather is gone and I’m left facing my sad, sad summer wardrobe.  I’m a messy person – everything I own from last summer is stained or torn from soaping or gardening or just walking through the house.   I hit Goodwill with the hope of finding something cute and fun to wear to Universal.  

Score!!!!!!  One pair of super-light-weight-denim Clavin Klein clam digger pants (with awesome pockets it’s all about pockets for me).  Orange tag, so they were $1.50.  One excellent cotton floppy sweater courtesy of Chico’s.  Another orange tag, $1.50.  Adorable mules/slip on shoes with Beall’s tags still on them.  Splurge at $5.99.  And then, the piece de resistance . . . a J Jill bag with store tags ($59.99 – someone was smoking crack when they priced this handbag) . . . for $3.99.  Total outfit, if you’re not into mental math,  $12.98.  How fun is that? 

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