(calling all) Sleuths (Sunday)

Up around 9 am this morning.  I was excited to have a free day to plant my garden and putter around.  I walked out to the kitchen to find Mike waffling his fingers through his hair and Andy sobbing.  Jenny was gone.  (Jenny is one of our guinea pigs – she’s the big fat happy one) 
I had tossed Jenny and Esme some lettuce and carrots around 9 pm on Saturday.  That’s the last I saw of Jenny.  I was up and about, but I cannot specifically remember any unusual noises before I went to bed around 12:30.
There was no disruption to their cage.  In the past three years, neither pig has shown an inclination or ability to climb out of the cage.  The bedding in the cage was undisturbed, same with the food and water containers.  The back door to the porch was shut and it was all night.  We were all here.  The pigs aren’t super-noisy unless you try to pick them up or if you crinkle a plastic grocery bag (which we all know is where fresh parsley comes from) around them. 
But, Jenny is just gone.  Flat out *poof* gone.  Anyone ever have this happen?  Did you find your pig?  If so, where? 
If you read my Saturday post, I’m trying very hard not to think Fatal Attraction.  Please share your more sane versions of what might have happened.  Please!!!!!

7 thoughts on “(calling all) Sleuths (Sunday)

  1. Probably not a raccoon, which would totally eat a guinea pig, b/c they are really gross eaters and would have left bits and pieces of pig all over the place.

    Pigs just don't climb. Does the pen have a lid? Could Scout have moved her? Weird.

  2. Do you have a sump crock or other water source that she could get to? When I've lost rodents, that's where they ended up. Sadly, it was not a happy ending for them. I hope you find Jenny!!!

  3. The cage is/was totally secure, a four inch base with 12' gridded squares surrounding it. I reinforced the cage just this past Thursday.

    No near water source, even if the big fat girl could have escaped. No fur, no blood, no mess, no mulch . . .nothing!

    I'm so flipped out about this. Where/How did she go?

  4. Could your evil witch of a neighbor have gotten in????? Scout did run across her yard…she may have some twisted idea of revenge.

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