Super Saturday!

Oddly, after a huge  day at Universal, I ended up in bed and fast asleep incredibly early for me.  And, that translated to me being up early on Saturday.  I spent the morning puttering in the garden pulling weeds and revamping my plans.  I did a TON of laundry.  Mike got a call from his old manager at Chili”s asking if we wanted a giant mixer – she thought I could use it for soap.  Mike said yes.  I’m now the proud owner of a THIRTY QUART mixer.  The whisk beater is the size of a basketball.  My head is still twirling with possibilities!  Lynda is awesome for thinking of us before just consigning the mixer to the dump.  But, sheesh, it’s HUGE.  I’ll keep you posted.
While Mike was at Chili’s, they fixed him and Tim fajita’s-to-go.  Ummmm . . . except they sent home enough food for about 20 people.  We shared.  We had a brief meeting of the “driveway girls” while the kids played.  Scout always joins us (she’s a girl and all).  For the most part, Scout sticks by my side no matter what is going on.  The only exception would be a cat within a five-house square.  She’ll tear off (cone and all) after the cat  . . . she would be lost if she actually caught a cat, but she was back within about 2 minutes. 
:::sigh::: not fast enough.  Scout opted to tear through our mean neighbor’s yard.  I fully expected a visit from the police (I could see her blinds move as Scout escaped me in pursuit of the cat).  Heh.  No such luck.  Though I was sitting with four other people and a lot of kids running all over (my older kids were playing basketball out front, the middle aged kids were playing tag and the youngest were messing with sidewalk chalk), mean-neighbor stepped outside her front door and directed her venom at ME.  (Just to set the stage . . . she is a very attractive late-50ish woman with a clipped NE accent and a deep voice.) “AMYYYYYYY, Do you think you could keep your effing dog in your own effing yard?  AMYYYYYY?????  Really, just try it.  AMYYYYYY. ”  I waved, apologized and went back to my conversation, though I was totally shaking and scared.  What else does a person do? 
In thirteen years, I can count on my fingers the number of times Scout has traipsed/raced through a neighbor’s yard.  I always go check for damage and have been willing to offer to repair damage if there is any . . .  all I can remember is buying our “old” neighbors a new pair of flip flops when Scout was a puppy. 
Anyway, it was kind of an ugly end to an otherwise nice day.

6 thoughts on “Super Saturday!

  1. I'm so sorry you have to live next to such a bitter angry person, Amy.

    You deserve fun, happy, joyful neighbors!


  2. That stinks, one in every crowd I guess. Your new mixer looks amazing!
    I wish I could be puttering in the garden but we still have snow on the ground. 🙂

  3. I wonder if the police had a “little talk” with her about the frequency and lack of grounds for her history of calls last time, so she's left with no other option but to vent her spleen personally now. I hope not, the young police man seemed so nice, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

  4. I have a neighbor who doesn't want anyone to park in front of her yard. She will come out and chase them down and fuss at them until they move.

    I often want to park in front of her house (she doesn't own the road) just to make her mad…but I don't.

  5. Ugh . . . I didn't mention that she didn't “say” effing – she used all the real letters . . .

    Nice to have you all here to talk to, though. She's definitely out-there and I am trying not to take it too personally. Still . . . Scout's days of freedom, even with the electric fence are over. First the cone of shame, now the leash.

    Obi-Mom – I'd love to have the nice, cute policeman here again – he was adorable … but, really, I'd rather he be out there doing his job.

    Claire M. – we're peas in a pod. Neighbors like we have make me want to do things just for a rise too. I feel lucky to be married to Mike – he's the true grown-up in our family. LOL

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