Universal Friday

Now you could take my title to mean that it’s Friday everywhere, or, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know it was the day Andy and I headed to Universal with our friends/neighbors.  You never know how things will work out when you combine three families.  In our case, we really could not have had a better day.  Here are some pictures to give you an idea:
Here we are on arrival – notice we’re all wearing layers and clothing and shoes that dry quickly.  Yep.  We’re gorgeous AND we’re onto the inside tips of theme parks.  Luckily we live in Orlando – not quite the pressure to be beautiful as they have in places like LA, but still.  I think we triumphed.
The “big” kids.  I actually realized about an hour into our park adventure that this was the first time in about 18 years that I was somewhere and I had the fewest kids!!!!  Crazy, crazy times.  Think about it though.  We have out-numbered just about anyone we know for years and years and years.  
I love this picture.  It captures each of the kids.  And, :::sniff::: in a few years they’ll all be driving themselves to Universal and growing up and all of that.  They’ll still be these kids, but only in the shadows.  (Talk amongst yourselves, I’m getting a little ferklempt talking about this right now. . . .Like buttah these kids are.)  I am honored to say I joined Connor (second from the left) on his first HUGE roller coaster ride.  We rode the rides, got soaked, the kids all got one souvenir they really wanted.  We had a great lunch at the Three Broomsticks (like you could have a bad lunch in Hogsmeade?)  
Without dragging you through all the details, it was a perfectly wonderful day.  The park closed at 6 pm.  We all came home, ordered pizza and made a beer run and spent the next two hours regaling Mike and the older boys with the details.  As much as I’ve always loved my neighbors, I was not sure we’d be a good traveling show.  Whew!  We are.  

(Preston got his face painted while the other kids rode roller coasters.  This is him hiding at the roller coaster exit waiting to scare them . . . I love this picture!)

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