Pigs, pollen, puppies

Sorry to be gone so long, stupid real life (I kid).  The pollen has been horrific here this past week.  Combine that with our general family freak-out of the missing guinea pig and you have a mess of a family.  To keep things interesting, Andy’s godmother called asking if we could take a 6-month-old puppy that they had adopted from a rescue group and that was not a good match with their older dog.  (Here’s a picture of 13-year-old Scout on the drive to go meet the puppy.  She’s more excited than she looks.)
Now, we have no pig (and lots and lots of questions about her disappearance), six people staggering around in a pollen-filled haze and Cally, our new family member.  Cally is a border collie-beagle-mutt mix.  She’s beautiful and so very sweet.  Scout is slowly taking charge and feeling okay about her being here.  The beagle-part of Cally showed up nearly instantly when we brought her home.  She will eat anything and everything.  If nothing else, she definitely cleaned up my kitchen floors!  The border collie as been showing too, as she herds my boys on bike rides and walks.  As long as everyone is in a line, she’s okay.  Step out of line and you’re going to hear from her.  
Tomorrow night my friend and her family are coming over so her 12-year-old daughter can see where Cally is and say goodbye.  My inner 12-year-old wants to just sob.  Cross your fingers that things go well.  
Other exciting news?  I put Mike and the boys to work and had them moving furniture all over the house.  It’s nice to have a change – I  will try to get pictures.  I was hoping to stave off the need to paint, but, alas, I have a purse full of paint chips.  
What else?  March is the month Dan should hear from most of the schools he applied to as well as the NROTC.  I’m surprised at how on edge I am.  I’m not surprised at how on edge Danny is.  Imagine how well we’re getting along these days?  

I’ll post more over the weekend.  Hope all is well in your worlds.

One thought on “Pigs, pollen, puppies

  1. I'm seriously haunted by your missing pig.

    I mean, not to be gross or anything, but if it crawled somewhere and died, you'd notice.

    So weird.

    Sending good scholarship thoughts.. and in exchange, do you suppose you could share just a little of your hyperactivity?

    Or maybe whatever it is you're on?

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